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Re-Cycle Garage in Santa Cruz

The mission of Re-Cycle Garage in Santa Cruz is to get old motorcycles back on the road and to teach people how to wrench on them. Over the years we have built up an amazing community through our free-to-all motorcycle garage. Our podcast consists of a rotating cast of characters sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences.

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  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 448: Misfits Top Tips aka Just the Tip


    This week on our motorcycle podcast we've had another amazing weekend with adventure rides and friends, including one where John's bike takes a dirt nap. Our next segment we are calling Just the Tip, where everyone offers up their 5 best all around tips in a category of their choice. Pay close attention to Emma's tips, since they may come in handy in a true time of need. Next up we pick our final super bike to add to the top ten list, and it's a Laverda Jota. Thanks for the suggestion Paddy? And lastly we finish with a conversation about inline encapsulated bikes, and we read some listener emails. With Liza, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Morgan, Kraig, Naked Jim and Bagel. Don't forget to check out the perfect gift for the holidays. And if you're in an accident, call [email protected]
  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 447: The Top Superbikes of All Time


    This week on our motorcycle podcast we share 3 ride reports that all have something in common: running low on gas. Next up we play a game called Video Game, Locomotive or Scooter. Then we get into the main topic on the top superbikes of all time. But before we can make a list, we first have to decide what qualifies a superbike? This is harder than it seems, and we do out best to break it down. So our list of top superbikes in no particular order is Yamaha R1, BMW S1000RR, MV Agusta America, Suzuki GSXR750, Kawasaki GPZ1100, Ducati 916, Honda Hurricane 1000, Vincent Black Shadow and the Honda CB750. We've got room for 1 more bike on this top ten list, and we want to hear from you as to what it should be. With Liza, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Arlette, Henry, Naked Jim and Bagel. [email protected]
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  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 446: Going The Distance with Chris Hopper


    This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by superhuman long distance rider Chris Hopper. He recently set a new long distance riding record on his Harley, completing 100,000 miles in 100 days. This feat is unfathomable to most riders, yet he made it seem simple. I'm sure you've done the math by now and have lots of questions. Well, so do we, and he explains it all to us, including some close calls that could have ended the whole trip. Congrats Chris! Next up we talk about the newest bike coming from Honda, the affordable and cute Honda Navi. Is this the next great thing? Or are we getting sloppy seconds on a bike from India? And since it's Thanksgiving week and everyone is heading to the kitchen, we talk about things in the kitchen that also have a place in the garage. Just make sure you clean them real good so your wife doesn't find out. And lastly we read listener emails and Emma explains why you a-may need to change your spark plugs. With Liza, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Nak and Bagel. [email protected]
  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 445: Raymond's Disastrous Tour


    This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Raymond, who just came back from a baja tour that left his bike and body worse for the wear. And it brings up the debate about how much responsibility falls on a tour group to get you to your destination safely, even when it's an adventure tour and risk is part of the package. Not surprisingly, some of the Misfits disagree. But this also gets us talking about what tours we'd like to do ourselves. Next up, Liza throws out a game where everyone competes against Miss Emma to guess the model of bike from the specs and description alone. Who do you think will win? And lastly, we read listener emails and try our best to be helpful. With Liza, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Raymond, Naked Jim and Bagel. [email protected]
  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 444: The Numb Nuts Challenge Idea


    This week on our motorcycle podcast Liza pitches another crazy idea, and this one might not be so bad. How long do you think you could sit on your motorcycle while on the kickstand? 8hrs? 24? 36? Let us know if you want to join the challenge this January. Next up it's time for a little Porn Pic Challenge - Project Bike Edition. Coming into the winter is a hard time for those who can't ride, so we suggest picking up a project bike to rebuild during this time, and hone those wrenching skills. Which bike wins this week? We got a great Tell Me Why question this week about why there isn't more crossover with companies in making motorcycles AND cars. Well, there's actually more than you know, which leads to an interesting conversation about what bikes would look like if they were designed by some well known car companies. Liza's project bike KZ400 has a rusty tank, so we talk about all the different methods for cleaning out a tank. Good info here if you are going to dig into a project bike. And lastly we answer listener emails. With Liza, Nak, Miss Emma, Arlette, Naked Jim and Bagel. [email protected]
  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 443: Halloween Special w/Cat from Leod Escapes


    This week on our motorcycle podcast it's Halloween, and bad luck seems to be creeping in. Emma got a new tool that kept blowing the breaker, and Jocelin posted a video of her bike falling over. But Cat McLeod is here to brighten things up for a bit. He has been conducting some of his amazing tours abroad, and has even more planned for next year. He shares with us what it's been like traveling everywhere with Covid protocols and safety concerns. Then the conversation gets real when we talk about our fears on motorcycles, and what we are trying to overcome. A little bit of fear is a good thing, but too much is a very bad thing. Next up we read some listener emails and answer some questions. With Liza, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Cat, Nak and Bagel. Check out Cat's tours here: [email protected]
  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 442: Doodle On A Motorcycle


    This week on our motorcycle podcast Jocelin Snow drops in and brings with her moto blogger Carolyn AKA Doodle On A Motorcycle. She has been documenting her journey from a new rider, to becoming the best rider she can. She has been challenging herself with riding different bikes, as well as taking classes in all kinds of riding styles, which is what brought her out here to take Jocelin's ADV class. She's never ridden a big ADV bike, but that didn't stop her from putting her trust in Jocelin's teaching, and hopping onto a BMW GS1200. She shares with us some of the challenges she conquered, including riding blindfolded, and the dreaded pit of sand. Subscribe to her here: Next up we talk about adding horsepower and handling to your bike with simple maintenance. We call it performance maintenance, and you'd be surprised how much horsepower you lose over time, and how easy it is to regain it. And lastly we read some listener emails, and hopefully offer some good advice. With Liza, Charley, Doodle, Jocelin, Miss Emma, Steve, Naked Jim, Bagel and Stumpy John. [email protected]
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    Podcast 441: New Electric Coast to Coast Record!


    This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Scott Harkless, who just set a new cross country electric motorcycle record of 112 hours! This is no easy feat, and takes a lot of patience, planning and perseverance. He fills us in on how he did it, and what advice he has for the next person attempting to set a record. Next up we play a little game called Electrivia, where we recall other electric vehicle records. Play along and see how you do. And lastly we read listener emails and answer questions. With Liza, Stumpy John, Scott, Morgan, Electric Terry and Bagel. [email protected]
  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 440: Marzipan Bultaco


    This week on our motorcycle podcast we talk about desert riding. Since Jim and John have been really enjoying riding in the Mojave desert, Emma share's with us a History Hole on desert bikes through the years. Then John and Jim talk about the tools and essentials that they carry with them on an adventure. Next up, we play a new game with Emma called Tell Me Why, where we ask her any motorcycle related burning question, and see if she has an answer. ( Spoiler alert: She does). Then lastly we read listener emails. With Liza, Nak, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Arlette, Naked Jim and Bagel. [email protected]
  • Motorcycles & Misfits podcast

    Podcast 439: Bang Good, or Bang Bad?


    This week on our motorcycle podcast we take a virtual ride through Pakistan once again, but this time through the eyes of Arlette, who was also on the recent Chickistan trip. Next up we play a game of Nay or Yay with some interesting products found on the Banggood website. Personal favorite is the windshield wiper accessory. And lastly we hear from Mike and Jim who had another adventure in the Mojave desert. With Liza, Arlette, Miss Emma, Nak, Naked Jim, Award Winning Mike and Bagel. [email protected] Don't forget to get your amazing discount at and access all their repair videos for just $3!!!

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