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851 - Don't Make This Mistake in Conflict Resolution

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Written communication can be misinterpreted based on the recipient's state of mind and emotions. Especially for entrepreneurs, the tone we write in is exactly the emotion you are feeling at the time, regardless of if you recognize it or not. Have you ever sent an email and thought you did it all professionally, in spite of what you really wanted to say, and the person still got offended? That’s what I’m talking about in this podcast episode.


By addressing the issue directly and providing a solution, conflict can be calmed and clarity can be established. Written communication often leads to more conflicts and misunderstandings compared to personal conversations. Getting on a call or video conference allows for better resolution of issues. Reading an email or text in an angry or passive-aggressive voice can help identify potential misunderstandings. Handling conflicts personally and seeking direct communication helps create momentum in business and relationships.


In this podcast, you will learn a five step process to completely shift the way you approach conversations in your business. 


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