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844 - The Most Important Optimization Practice

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Hydration is the most important habit to stay engaged, have more energy, clarity of mind, eliminate brain fog, body pain, improve digestion and sleep better. On the flip-side, dehydration is damaging and affects everything we want to do as entrepreneurs and as people. It can cause inflammation, joint pain, back pain, neck pain, brain fog, confusion, frustration, anxiety, depression, irritation, and anger.

A staggering 70 to 85% or more of people in the Western world walk around with low grade or severe dehydration. It’s no wonder entrepreneurs say that they are stressed and that they are feeling the effects of it in their body and business.

When you are fully hydrated, you will have a level of presence and awareness that simply isn’t possible otherwise. Our physiology needs water, and yours might be begging for more than you are currently giving it. Being fully engaged, present, and having all of our faculties is crucial to succeed as entrepreneurs, and mild dehydration can cause a cascade of effects in the human body that affect our ability to perform at our best in our lives and in our businesses.

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