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Debbie Voiles

Mojo for Running Coach Debbie Voiles presents training principles and running news. From beginners to marathoners, all runners will learn how to make wise training decisions. Topics include training schedule, base building, tapering, cross training, speed work, stretching, nutrition, drills, and much more. Learn how to train smart to achieve your goals.

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    MFR 156: The Challenge of Holiday Running and the Mojo for Running December Challenge


    The month of December tests our running training more than any other as holiday events too often steal running hours. Our already hectic schedules get still busier, increasing stress levels, meaning we need run therapy more than ever, but ironically, that's the last thing on many people's mind. The Mojo for Running December Challenge will provide accountability and motivation to help you maintain running fitness during this month, setting you for success in 2022.
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    MFR 155: Head to Toe, a Close Look at How to Move and Where to Look When You Run


    Let's go back to the basics of how to move when you run, head to toe, from where to look, to the nuances of effective arm technique, what not to do and physical cues to help with practicing good running form. While everyone's form will be unique, based on their body, minor adjustments will still pay off with greater comfort, improved endurance, greater speed, and fewer running injuries, all good reasons to focus on running form during every mile of every run. The goal is to practice the running form that's easiest on the body, the most efficient form, a movement that is light and fluid. Since practice makes permanent, it's not enough to do form drills and then let it go or to practice form, occasionally. Every runner needs to think about form and make practicing the elements of good running form a daily ritual.  Two prior episodes referred to: MFR 77:  How to Run Hills, Part 1, Uphill MFR 78:  How to Run Hills, Part 2, Downhill This episode includes a reminder for listeners to enter the Gasparilla Distance Classic's Name the Parrot contest. Enter here. Mojo for Running shirts here. Register for Deb's race, the gnome-themed Run Tampa Tinsel Run, December 11th, here. Check out the medal and shirt art.  
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

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  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    MFR 154: Fun With Fartlek Training


    Any runner or group of runners, of any level, can make up a fartlek workout on the fly, or pull out one of the traditional, time-tested fartlek workouts. Fartleks are especially good for injecting a bit of speed work into an easy or long-ish run during the basebuilding phase when it's best to avoid more structured, specific track workouts, saving them for later in the cycle when the speedwork needs to be more specific, more race oriented. This matters because from a psychological perspective, runners will benefit from more carefree, less structured running, fun running, but they still don't want to lose their edge by foregoing all speed work. Enter, fartleks, the perfect means of holding onto speed without going to a track. Run Tampa Tinsel Run Gear/equipment mentioned: Gymboss (wearable interval timer) Simple Interval Timer (iphone app)
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    MFR 153: How to Choose the Best Training Plan for Any Race


    Running success hinges on preparation. Crossing the finish line is the easy part, a celebration, the apex of all the training that prepared you to be there, the celebration of a well executed running training plan. The longer you run, the more races you train for, the more you'll appreciate the importance of a good training schedule, one that keeps you healthy while preparing you for your goal race. This episode explains the variables you'll see as you study your options along with guidance to help you evaluate their quality and assess whether they're right for you.
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    MFR 152: How to Taper for Goal Races, and What it Can Do for Race Performance


    The almighty taper is a thing of beauty. Most experienced runners, and certainly any runner who's trained with a coach, knows about this masterpiece of training theory. No amount or type of training, no training regimen, however well executed, will fulfill its potential unless it ends with the appropriate taper period. If you're not familiar with the idea of tapering for a goal race, this episode will convince you never to omit this from another training cycle. If you are familiar with tapering, it will be a reminder and refresher of all that is required for the optimal taper.
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    How to Structure Your Running Training When You're Self Coached


    One of the main attractions of running is the sheer simplicity of it. Running requires one thing, a pair of shoes - well, two things.  That simplicity is a thing of beauty, but to take it to any level beyond basic fitness, or just to make it more interesting, knowing and applying some basic training guidelines will be of great benefit. Many people, at least early on in their running career, run the same number of miles every day. Nothing wrong with that if extremely gradual improvement is the goal, and if it doesn't get too boring, but learning a few simple time-proven running training principles will make running a fascinating hobby as the runner has the ability and knowledge to plan weeks and months of training, evaluate how that training impacted their performance, and make adjustments. All this, and the variety in type and duration of workouts always adds to enjoyment of the sport. For a deeper dive into periodization, specifically, micro and macro cycles, check out Episodes 134 and 135 of this podcast. Go to Patreon to pledge as little as $1 per episode. Support with one-time contribution, here. Follow me @mojoforrunning on Instagram and @runtampa on Instagram.
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    MFR 150: Treadmill Running and the Indoor Training Mindset


    What a treadmill lacks in the way of the scenery and fresh air of an outdoor run, it makes up for in convenience and other benefits. Yes, there are reasons why anyone might do well to train on a treadmill at times.  From offering a softer surface than any street to providing a safe option when traveling, treadmills are a great option for any runner of any level, and while some describe them as dreadfully boring, calling them 'dreadmills,' an attitude check and a bit of creativity can banish that problem. Discover the benefits of treadmill running, treadmill workouts and a variety of tricks to make running inside entertaining.
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    MFR 149: Rebounder for Running Training


    I'm always looking for new ways to improve my fitness and enhance my running training, and one of my favorite is the mini trampoline, also known as a rebounder, which I use for 'rebounder running,' running in place on the rebounder. It is an affordable, relatively small piece of equipment, making it a great alternative to a treadmill and a good way to add miles while at home by running in place on it. Because it maximizes the plyometric element of running, a mile on a rebounder probably has greater impact on running conditioning while being, in fact, a much lower impact exercise, and so, easier on the joints. While running, when done correctly, doesn't ruin one's knees, for most runners, there is a point at which adding more miles would likely cause trouble, but like pool running, this is a gentler movement, from that standpoint.
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    MFR 148: Upcoming Topics, the Problem of Locked 'Public' Tracks, and a Promise


    Coach Deb Voiles announces topics for many upcoming episodes and shares the topics for the next dozen, expanding on an episode that will highlight the national problem of runners being locked out of 'public' school tracks. She asks listeners to weigh in about the situation where they live. Deb then provides an overview of other topics, such as running form, running cadence, the Alter G treadmill, electrolytes, and more, asking that you use the new record button on the Mojo for Running website to send your questions, and last, she promises to be consistent. As you work to get back to consistent running training, she commits to consistent podcast episode production to support you in returning to running at pre pandemic levels, or better yet, taking your running to new levels beyond past achievements.
  • Mojo For Running Podcast podcast

    MFR 147: How to Run Trails


    Running trails requires different technical running skills, a different outlook, and different equipment, but it is so beyond worth it, and if that's not enough, your on-road running will greatly improve. Why? Because running on off road trails demands more work and more finesse. Your muscles work more and differently. You'll feel it the next day, that good feeling that you are getting fitter in a new way. You won't question whether it will pay off. You'll be confident that it will. In this episode, I break down everything you need to know, from running technique to gear and how to not get lost.

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