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MLM Nation is where you’ll get to hang out with Simon Chan and top network marketing leaders and learn about social media, cold market recruiting, duplication and leadership to grow your network marketing and direct selling business. These leaders come from different backgrounds and MLM companies but they all share how they got started, aha moments, how they recovered from their toughest times, favorite books, morning routines, time management tricks, consistency hacks and the first thing they’d do if they had to start all over again with no one to talk to.

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    2 Types of People That'll Help You in Network Marketing by Justin Prince


    Justin Prince shares 2 types of people that'll help grow your network marketing business. Also talks about how to overcome your MLM strugglesWho is Justin Prince?Justin Prince is a family man, entrepreneur, author, international speaker and network marketing leader.He went from selling out of a mall kiosk with no college education to building 4 different multi-million dollar businesses that have generated over $2 Billion dollars in total revenue and over 4 million customers.He has shared his passion and success story in over 20 countries around the world and continues to inspire over 1 million people a day from his social media platforms.Justin's passion is to provide people the strategies, skills and motivation they need to grow from the person they are to the person they are born to becomeFavorite QuoteEverything rises and falls with leadershipRecommended Books by Justin Prince Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey Recommended Online AppEvernoteRecommended Prospecting ToolVideo, ATM (Add Tag Message) using Facebook groups Contact InfoJustin Prince on Facebook and Instagram
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    How to Be a Magnetic Leader that Attracts Prospects: Mike Ray Tribute


    This a special episode where Simon Chan shares the lessons he learned from Mike Ray on how to be a magnetic network marketing leader.Notable Content Mention on EpisodePictures of Simon and Mike Ray together Mike Ray on FacebookDonations to Benefit Adaptive Athletes
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    How to Promote a Network Marketing System That Creates Retention and Duplication by Brandon Stevens


    Brandon Stevens shares how to create culture and systems that create retention and duplication for your network marketing business.Who is Brandon Stevens?Brandon Stevens was a traditional business owner who got started in MLM in 2012.Since then he’s earned over $12 million in lifetime commissions. His current team has over 95,000 distributors and 125,000 customersBrandon is married with 4 kids and they live out in Dallas, Texas.Favorite QuoteYou don't need to be great to get started but you need to get started to be great. Recommended Books by Brandon Stevens12 Week Year by Trevor ThrallWho Moved My Cheese by Mark YarnallYour First Year in Network Marketing by Mark YarnallRecommended Online AppCalendarRecommended Prospecting ToolRecorded VideoContact InfoBrandon Stevens on Facebook and Instagram and Email
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    How to Avoid the Biggest Trap in Network Marketing by Ian Farrar


    Ian Farrar talk about how to overcome your negative self talk and also how to avoid one of the biggest mistakes in network marketing and MLMWho is Ian Farrar?Ian Farrar has over 25 years of network marketing experience and is a founding brand partner for an 18 year old company.Ian is also a cyclist and is known as the Athletic NetworkerHe has won a gold and silver medal in the state championships also a 2 times master world team member.This is Ian’s second time on MLM Nation. He first appeared on episode 391 where he talked about the gears that create a fast building teamFavorite Quote"If it's up to be, it's up to me""You find your freedom within your discipline""The best income is residual income"Recommended Books by Ian FarrarAtlas Shrugged by Ayn RandGo Pro by Eric Worre Recommended Online AppTalk to people on the phone Recommended Prospecting ToolConversions → Video → FollowupContact InfoIan Farrar on Facebook and Instagram and Email
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    How to Build Belief and Sell Your Opportunity When You’ve Had No Success by Matt Hall


    Matt Hall shares how to build your belief so that you can sell your network marketing opportunity even if you've had no successWho is Matt Hall?Matt Hall got started in network marketing when he was 22 years old in college.At the time, Matt had no money and was working part time in a job bagging suckers at a candy factory so that he could have enough money to save for a wedding ring.Today they have a team of over 250,000 members, are multiple 6 figure earners and have earned over a lifetime million dollars in commissions.He credits his success to long term vision, taking massive action and implementing online strategies on Youtube and Instagram.Favorite Quote"Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps on new roads armed by nothing but their own vision." (Ayn Rand)Recommended Books by Khalid ShaathAtlas Shrugged by Ayn RandGo Pro by Eric Worre Recommended Online AppScott's Cheap Flights Recommended Prospecting ToolYoutube videoContact InfoMatt Hall on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram
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    1 Action Step That Creates Success by Richard Brooke on MLM Nation


    Here is another classic episode from MLM Nation Archives.Learn the tips and strategies that helped Richard Brooke earn millions of dollars as a distributor, owner and trainer in network marketing on MLM NationWho is Richard Brooke?Richard Brooke is a 38 year veteran of the MLM profession. Not only has he made millions as a distributor, Richard is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee and is currently an owner of a network marketing company.He also owns Bliss Business… which is an ontological coaching, seminar and network marketing tools and training business.Richard Brooke is the also man who brought you the viral video series called Super MLM Man and the best selling author of The Four Year Career and also wrote one of the most talked about books in MLM profession... the book called Mach2 With Your Hair On FireFavorite Quote“You and I can be either be right or we can be successful but we frequently can’t have both” (Richard Brooke)Must Read BookFour Year Career by Richard BrookeMach II: With Your Hair On Fire by Richard BrookePsycho Cybernetics by Maxwell MaltzThink and Grow Rich by Napolean HillScience of Getting Rich by Wallace WattlesMagic of Thinking Big by David SchwartzScience of Personal Achievement by Napolean HillRecommended Online AppRead over 100 blogs on his computer using LTE (so that he can be online everywhere).Reads blogs from Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Worre, Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek, Tim Ferris and more.Recommended Prospecting ToolFour Year Career by Richard BrookeContact InfoFacebook Business Pagewebsite:
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    How Leaders Go "Mind Over Matter" by Simon Chan


    In this special behind the scenes episode, Simon Chan shares mental tricks that leaders use to overcome frustration and how to keep going when network marketing seems impossibleSimon Chan Also Shares With You...One of the biggest mistakes he's made and what he learned on his vacation. Recommended ResourcesMLM Nation ArchivesYoutube ChannelBYOB Online WorkshopPurpose Driven Networkers1 on 1 Coaching w Simon ChanOmnisweeperRecommended BooksSeeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger by Peter Bevelin
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    How to Take Action Instead of Being Overwhelmed by Daniel Dimitrov


    Here is another classic episode from MLM Nation Archives.You don't need anymore training, you need to take action. Daniel Dimitrov explains why we should be conscious of not over training. Also one daily habit that must be developedWho is Daniel Dimitrov?Daniel Dimitrov has been in network marketing for over 13 years and the impressive thing, he’s been with the same company this entire time!Daniel started out at 18 years old and was introduced to MLM in his first month in college. At the time he was working 2 jobs… valeting cars for $6 an hour and working as a gym just to pay for college.Today, he’s a 6 figure earner, a Regional Vice President and leads a global team.Favorite Quote“If being who you are can get you what you want, you’d already have it. If you want something you’ve never had, you have to become somebody you’ve never been”Must Read BookThe Greatest Salesman in the World by Og MandinoAny leadership book by John C MaxwellHow to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale CarnegieRecommended Online AppFacebookRecommended Prospecting ToolA link to my success storyContact InfoFacebookInstagram
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    How to Have Fun and Build a Global Organization by John Goerlitz


    Here is another classic episode from MLM Nation Archives.John Goerlitz teaches how to lead a network marketing organization. Also shares fun building activities that increase retention + duplicationWho is John Goerlitz?John Goerlitz had a degree in finance and worked in Corporate America for 10 years as a finance manager until he discovered network marketing. He worked his business consistently and was able to quit his job in less than 3 years.John is currently a 2 Star Diamond Director and has built a global business. He has won numerous awards from his company including... being one of the Top Income Earners… Million Dollar Club member... a Top 100 sponsor, a Top 25 customer enroller… one of the top 25 fastest growing distributors… and has won numerous trips, cruises and prizes.Favorite Quote“Champions don’t become champions in the ring – they are merely recognized there. If you want to see where someone developed into a champion, look at his daily routine.” (John C. Maxwell)Must Read BookAll John Maxwell book on leadershipRecommended Online AppSkypeWhats AppRecommended Prospecting ToolFace to face: Company newspaperNot face to face: Company videoContact Infowww.johngoerlitz.comFacebookTwitter
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    How to Turn Your Setbacks Around by Daniel Song


    Daniel Song's episode was one of the most memorable shows in the first year of MLM Nation.  You can find more of these classics in MLM Nation Archives.In this episode Daniel reveals the catalyst moment that exploded his business along with VERY valuable lessons guaranteed to improve your network marketing business.Who is Daniel Song?Daniel Song is a happily married family man with a beautiful wife, Melanie, 3 children and 4 dogs!He has over 14 years of MLM experience and has been at the top of the pay plan in 2 previous ventures and is currently the #4 income earner in his company.Daniel has also been a brand consultant and a systems training developer for MLM companies.For fun, Daniel is huge car enthusiast and has a passion for fast cars.Daniel Song's Favorite Quote“There are no securities on this earth, only opportunities”  (General MacArthur)Must Read BookStart with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon SinekRecommended Online AppPodcastsRecommended Prospecting ToolVideo PresentationsContact InfoFacebook Twitter

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