Metal Steel Manufacturing Podcast podcast

Metal Steel Manufacturing Podcast

Greg Sheldon

Welcome to the Metal Steel Manufacturing Podcast. We're here to show the world how valuable the manufacturing, metal, and steel industries are. Without this industry, society wouldn't be where we are today; it makes our daily lives possible. We are the forgotten industry and highly undervalued in today's market, collective, and zeitgeist. It's time to change that. Most importantly, to give a platform and pay it forward to the undiscovered leaders, experts, and change-makers who bring purpose, new thought, innovation, and new mindsets not shared enough within trades. I'm Greg Sheldon, 21 years strong in the metal, steel, and manufacturing industry, whether hands-on tools, fabrication, welding & wrenching to design, installation, finishing work or sales, strategy, vision, and leadership. I'm here to ditch the small talk and reignite the excitement for manufacturing and trade in North America.

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