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15 Sekunden vorwärts

A slightly different episode today - Alex talks all about the tools, apps and websites that he uses within Marketing 101 to improve efficiency, help with marketing and manage data. There'll be some tools that you've heard of but definitely some you haven't, but definitely some that will save you time and money. Enjoy!

Find all the tools and websites mentioned below.

Wordpress for building websites
Hubspot CRM (free)
Mailchimp - data capture & newsletters
Google Analytics - website analytics
Google Drive - my 'filing cabinet' / collaborative working
Prezi & Prezi Video - alternative to Powerpoint and zoom video presenting
Canva - basic graphic design - find alternatives to tools/apps/websites like Photoshop (often free alternatives!) - summarizes any article/blog etc. into 7 sentences - reads anything that you copy & paste into it - critiques your writing for readability & gives tips to improve - see what carriers/factories/shipper your competitors are using - share files between any devices on the same wifi - dictation! Turns your voice into writing - loads of slide templates that you can use on Powerpoint, Google Slides & Canva - cuts backgrounds out of photos instantly
I dont care about cookies - chrome extension that says ‘yes’ to all cookies

And finally, my new Gift Website for discovering non-mainstream gifts for any occasion; SecretSanta.Guru

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See you next episode!

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