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If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, self hatred, or just struggling with being happy in general this podcast is for you. If you just want to be uplifted a little here and there this is for you too. This is all about self love and having a healthy mindset and a better viewpoint on life. I’ve been through years of abuse, physical, psychological, sexual and more and it tore me down A LOT. I had to pull myself together and hold my head high as I rebuilt the woman I am today. I refused to let life beat me down, the goal is to love yourself and love your life.❤️

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  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    Summary of Reporting my Sexual Assault in the Army


    Summarizing the reporting, investigation, and trial process I went through with the Army for my sexual assault. We’ll also discuss some hard truths and advice for those reporting, considering reporting, or are already in the process. This will be my last episode for awhile.
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    Coping with Anxiety Pt. 2


    Going in depth into the calm place and how to make your own and better manage your anxiety.
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

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  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    Coping with anxiety


    In this episode we’re going to discuss the different coping mechanisms that I have learned and use regularly as well as pinpointing the root causes of our anxiety to better form an effective coping mechanism for the anxiety that follows the cause.
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    YOUR Ideal Body Image


    The “ideal body” is decided by social norms and judgement throughout society. Screw that, define YOUR OWN ideal body image. No more comparing to the Kylie Jenners and Channing Tatums of the world, do what’s best for you and what works for you. YOUR opinion of yourself is the priority.
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    Appreciate The Little Things Part 2


    In season 1 we discussed appreciating the little achievements we make throughout the day and I wanted to recap and add to that. We also need to be grateful for the big things that we may not even notice or realize we have. In this episode we discuss the little things, practicing mindfulness for your depression and anxiety, and being grateful for the big things that go unnoticed.
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    Meet Your Own Demands


    There’s a video going around that B. Simone made and I’m here to say she’s absolutely right! We all have a list of criteria we want someone to meet for us, but how much of that list can we meet?
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    Self Love Starts With YOU


    Self love is something only we can do for ourselves. You attract what you are so in order to attract better in your life, know that you deserve and want better and start acting like it. Start building yourself up little by little and watch the transformation of your life begin to unfold. It’s the little things!
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    New Year, New Mindset


    The beginning of a new year is always the beginning of new life changes and goals. Let the focus goal of this year be to have a better mentality and taking better care of your mental health. Out with the old and in with the new.
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    You Need To Do An Energy Cleanse


    Going into the new year, it’s always best to do an energy cleanse to get rid of any baggage or unneeded and unwanted and non beneficial things. Whether it’s people, materials, or memories, get rid of anything that isn’t serving you or your purpose. Take a break from social media for awhile and get in touch with your surroundings and evaluate everything and everyone in your life.
  • Love YOURSELF First podcast

    Let It Out **Trigger Warning**


    This year has been rough for many of us, and this time of year is not always cheery for everyone. In this episode I discuss my encounter with suicide and the dangers of holding everything in. TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ this is not an easy topic to discuss and it definitely is not easy to tell our own story, but it’s important that we talk about things and get things off of our chest so that we don’t self destruct or explode.

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