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Little Z's Sleep Podcast

Becca Campbell

Hey! I'm Becca Campbell, Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I'm here to resolve your child's exhausting sleep habits so you can look forward to bedtime. Join me here each week as we change the future of your family's sleep story for good!

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  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    How To Invite Calmer Mornings With Breakfast Invitations [Days With Grey]


    If you're feeling like every morning you go from 0 to 60 with your kiddos, this episode is for you! (Breakfast Invitations) is a concept created by Beth of Days with Grey who is passionate about using play to ignite learning with your children. Beth's Quick Start Materials List: Paper Painters tape Markers Need Ideas At The Ready? (Check Beth's blog) that is full of ideas! Want Ideas To Keep? (Shop Beth's Breakfast Invitation Cards!) ___________ Ready to make sleep a thing so that you can ENJOY the mornings?! Shop our Toddler & Preschool Sleep Classes to help everyone wake up rested and ready to play!
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    How Much Daytime Sleep Should My Child Be Getting?


    In this episode I'm giving you ALL the nap stats you need from Newborn to 5 years old! Here's how this episode works: Write down your child's current schedule Listen in as I share the details on daily nap stats, and see how things are going! Make tweaks right away in your schedule if needed! Rate & review this podcast!! EPISODE MENTIONS: (3 to 2 Nap Transition) (2 to 1 Nap Transition) (1 to 0 Nap Transition) Love this episode and want MORE insights on what to expect as your child grows and changes? Join The Little Z's Sleep Society for $1 for 1 week to get an entire roadmap with detailed videos guiding your child's growth & development! >> ( JOIN NOW!)
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

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  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    Letters To The Type A Mom


    Sometimes we take the whole sleep thing to an extreme. This podcast is a few different letters to the Type A Mom. Take a listen, take what you need, and share this episode with a friend. >> (Try the Little Z's Sleep Society for $1 for 1 week!) >> Follow Becca on (Instagram) | (YouTube) >> Leave a review on Google for Little Z's!
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    The Road Back From Birth


    How would you fill in the blank: "The road after birth is ________." Our guest today, Deb Flashenberg, says, "The road after birth is bumpy" -- and she's right! There is so much about your recovery, journey and new chapter after birth. Deb is the founder and director of the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC. Along with being a prenatal yoga teacher, she is also a labor support doula, Lamaze childbirth educator, mother of two and self proclaimed "birth and anatomy geek" Follow ( Prenatal Yoga Center on Instagram) (Find a class with Deb) ________ Ready to make sleep a thing? (Find the right sleep program for your family!) Follow (Becca on Instagram)
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    Adult Sleep Tips


    We know that you get get sleep help for your kids, but what about YOU? YES! YOU can get help! On the podcast is Katie Pitts of SleepWise Consulting. She has recently launched her team of Adult Sleep Consultants to work with you to finally solve your issues with sleep and get a full night of rest every night! (Learn more) about working with SleepWise Adult Consulting Team (BOOK A FREE 15 MINUTE CALL) to determine if this is right for you! __________ Follow Becca on (Instagram) Follow Becca on (YouTube)
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    What Is Co-Regulation and How Does This Impact Our Child's Development?


    What is Co-Regulation? How does this impact our child's development and future? If you're spending even 5 minutes searching through positive parenting accounts on social media, you're likely left feeling confused about co-regulation. Enter Drs. Jenna Elgin and Shanna Alverez of Helping Families Thrive! Today on the podcast these women talk with me about what co-regulation is and how you are likely already working on this with your family! We talk together for about an hour, and cover a lot of ground! Probably my favorite was the moment when Dr. Jenna pulled up her phone and literally read misleading social media posts to mythbust, ha! If you are looking for an evidence based course on positive parenting that won't guilt you or leave you feeling less than, Helping Families Thrive is exactly for you! Use code (HFTLITTLEZ to save 20% on their course!) Follow @ (helpingfamiliesthrive) on Instagram Follow @ (littlezsleep) on Instagram Find your child's sleep program to get the rest you all need
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    Skincare For Babies and Children


    A big part of the (bedtime routine) around here at Little Z's is getting cleaned up! Bath, wash face or shower- it's always been a step that we simply imply...but haven't talked too much about. In this episode Lauren & Brooke of The Skin Sisters share insights on eczema, sunscreen and when to think about beginning a true skin care routine with your child. Mentions in this episode: (Micellar Wipes) (Bette Green Cleanser Stick) (The Skin Sisters on Instagram) Ready to find a bedtime routine that leads to a full night of sleep for everyone? Find your child's sleep program HERE!
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    Understanding Updated "Baby Sleeper" Guidelines from Consumer Product Safety Commission


    In June 2021, the Consumer Product Safety Commission released new guidelines for products marked as "sleepers" on the baby product market. >> (See the full guidelines) Of course, this brought up a LOT of questions and I knew exactly who to ask them to! Holly Choi of Safe Beginnings is back on the podcast to share what these new regulations will mean, and answer your questions on "what now?!" >> (Follow Holly on Instagram) >> (Follow Becca on Instagram) >>Find your family's Sleep Program
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    Traveling With Our Kids Cross-Country


    Over the last 6 years we've enjoyed so much travel with the girls, and I *think* we've finally landed in a place where it's a pure JOY to be traveling with them! Find All Travel Blogs + Podcast Episodes: (How To Travel Internationally With Baby) (Travel Checklist For Your Child) (How We Kept Our Kids Sleeping 12 Hours On Vacation) (How To Handle Sleep On Vacation) (Surviving The Travel Day) Ready to make sleep a thing so you can enjoy traveling?! (>>Find your Sleep E-Coaching™ Program!) Follow Becca on (Instagram) Follow Chad on (Instagram)
  • Little Z's Sleep Podcast podcast

    How To Handle Sleep & The 4th Of July With Your Kids


    No one ever said that if your child has a sleep schedule you have to STAY on the sleep schedule 100% of the time! Getting out, making memories and staying up late is so much fun. With the Fourth of July coming this weekend, we're sharing strategies to help you enjoy the night with specifics for newborn all the way to preschool age. PRODUCT MENTIONS: (Bassinet Stroller) (Stroller Fan) (Earmuffs for Kids) (Dohm Sound Machine) ^Amazon Affilate links RESOURCES MENTIONED: (Post by Safe Beginnings on Firework Safety) (Sleep E-Coaching™ Programs) to help make sleep a thing! MORE LITTLE Z'S (FOLLOW BECCA ON INSTAGRAM) (SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

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