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Episode 45 - Alex Baratta and accentism

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Show notes for Episode 45

Here are the show notes for Episode 45, in which we talk to Dr Alex Baratta, Senior Lecturer in Language, Linguistics & Communication, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester about:

  • Accents, accents… and more accents!

  • Teacher accents and ‘professionalism’

  • Social connotations and stereotypes of accents - good and bad

  • Why one accent isn’t ‘better’ than another and why exposure to accents might be the way to overcome accentism

In our regular Lang in the News segment we talk about how formal greetings and sign-offs might be becoming a thing of the past and why that’s the fault of… well, pretty much everyone that Daily Mail readers don’t like. We also have a quick chat about the European-wide attempts to make language more inclusive, the first round of WOTY2023 and we big up Rob Drummond’s book, You’re All Talk.

Alex Baratta’s University of Manchester page: 


Some of the articles, books and research we mentioned: 




Understanding all kinds of English accent can improve empathy and learning – and even be a matter of life and death  

Yours Sincerely is dead…

The Guardian:


And in the Mail: 


Attempts to promote inclusive language in European languages

What’s in a word? How less-gendered language is faring across Europe 


‘AI’ named most notable word of 2023 by Collins dictionary | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian

AI named word of the year by Collins Dictionary - BBC News 

Opinion piece about new words https://archive.ph/kv2UQ 

Rob Drummond’s new book: https://uk.bookshop.org/p/books/you-re-all-talk-why-we-are-what-we-speak-rob-drummond/7512151?aid=4868&ean=9781914484285 


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