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Episode 38 - Anna Islentyeva and the representation of masculinity in advertising

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Here are the show notes for Episode 38, in which Lisa and Dan talk to Dr Anna Islentyeva of Innsbruck University, Austria about the representation of masculinity in advertising, including: 

  • The “Real Men Score” paper she has recently published with her team

  • Stereotypes around gender representation

  • Methodologies and approaches to data

  • Multimodal approaches to visual texts

Anna’s university page: https://www.uibk.ac.at/anglistik/staff/islentyeva/islentyeva.html 

Anna on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hei_anni 

The “Real Men Score” paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HZsad35JBMD0kM4FqpXpWn8xWnIzAiL-/view?usp=share_link 

Anna Islentyeva, Elisabeth Zimmermann, Nadia Schützinger & Andrea Platzer (2023) ‘Real Men Score’: Masculinity in Contemporary Advertising Discourse, Critical Discourse Studies, DOI: 10.1080/17405904.2023.2173625

The study that Anna mentioned into perfume advertising was by Helen Ringrow and this is her book The Language of Cosmetics: The Language of Cosmetics Advertising | SpringerLink

And in our regular Lang in the News segment, Jacky and Dan talk about linguistic accommodation, the power of accents and why politicians love to talk down to us. 

Northern lessons for southern Tories



Rishi Sunak’s downwards convergence

Here’s the clip: https://twitter.com/sturdyAlex/status/1640280827086143488 

Is it “hilariously inauthentic”(Alex Andreou)? 

Is it “sheer desperation by an out of touch rich boy trying to show he is in tune with the public” (Dave Lawrence in replies to tweet above https://twitter.com/dave43law/status/1640326877842685954?s=20 )?

Or is it just another example of politicians (of all parties) trying to sound more human and a perfectly natural way of doing language? 

Jane Setter article about people keeping/losing accents: 


George Osborne:

'Mockney' George Osborne backs working Briddish with dodgy accent 

George 'Mockney' Osborne: Chancellor in Estuary accent shocker

George Osborne, gawd bless yer | Victoria Coren | The Guardian

Academics 'dropping regional accents' to fit in at elite universities (linked story to accommodation)


Ed Miliband with Russell Brand:

Accent on common ground as Miliband takes on Russell Brand's estuary twang 

The cultural significance of Ed Miliband's mockney accent | The Spectator

Has Ed Miliband changed his accent to get elected?


Tony Blair:

London Journal; Britons Prick Up Their Ears: Blair's a Li'l Peculiar 

I don’t have a posh accent – am I bothered? | Suzanne Moore | The Guardian 

Accents in Higher Education:

Academics 'dropping regional accents' to fit in at elite universities

British academics try to hide regional accents, study finds  


Alex Barratta’s work on accents and teaching 

Research exposes prejudice over teachers with northern accents 


Lisa Casey 

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