Leadership in a Nutshell podcast

Leadership in a Nutshell

Kenny Chapman

Leadership life is complex, fast-paced, and can leave you questioning your sanity! Each week, join award-winning leadership master and best-selling author Kenny Chapman as he takes on critical topics in 15-minute (or less) segments to help you gain conscious control of thoughts, actions, and life in general. Whether you have been leading for five days or five decades, these motivational episodes will give you a fresh perspective about what it means to be an effective leader, how to tackle any situation, how to manage change, and how to ditch stress and overwhelm. If you are looking to “crack the code” of your driven mind and tap into hidden potential, you’re in the right place! Kenny also dives into non-traditional business topics typically reserved for high-level management or entrepreneurial discussions, using personal development as a tool to improve leadership skills and overall confidence.

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