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Steve J Larsen

Shortly after selling my first successful offers on the internet, I curiously started researching how legendary, rich dead marketers launched their offers before the internet. How did they pull millions off the table without the ease of social media and email lists? Did they even need large followings before launching their offer? I was shocked by what I learned, and even more shocked when I used these launch strategies to pull millions of dollars for my own offer launches! The internet is a crutch. Facebook ads have corrupted the word “campaign.” It’s time we internet marketers learn these classic launch strategies and reclaim what it means to launch a wildly lucrative offer. Get your creative juices juiced in preparation for OfferLaunch, the biggest event of the year. Welcome to Launch for Profit. Learn more at:

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  • Launch For Profit podcast

    Why It's Not Called A "Marketing Funnel"...


    Ever wonder why it's called a "SALES Funnel" and not a "MARKETING Funnel"...? It matters. In this episode I explore where I feel the role of marketing takes the back seat inside a sales funnel... Have a listen
  • Launch For Profit podcast

    How I Learned To Build Sales Funnels


    The talent of funnel-building requires the blend of a few skillsets. In this episode I'm going to show you the 3 skillsets that I already had, which helped be pick up funnel-building with ease.  If you want help building your next/first funnel, and if you wanna use my personal funnel-building checklist on your own, go take the live and free, 5-day Sprint at
  • Launch For Profit podcast

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  • Launch For Profit podcast

    An OfferLab Pro Success Story: Yvonne Ruckert


    Today I'm sharing the story of Yvonne Ruckert...who did a 5-figure launch in my OfferLab Pro on her first time. And it was far from perfect. She is an ActiveCampaign Genuis...but the funny thing is, she accidentally fell into ActiveCampaign. It wasn't her first skill. She learned it on the fly and made it happen. Yvonne is an example of what OfferLab pro can do for you. You can apply for it here:
  • Launch For Profit podcast

    Organic Leads For Life with Marley Jaxx


    The HUGE problem with getting organic leads through social media is that your posts will be lost in the ether of Facebook in 24 hours, never to be dug up again. Marley Jaxx has opened my eyes to a new way of sharing my offers. Youtube videos are FILLED with that sweet sweet SEO. So when you post videos, they will remain there for a long time AND will gather more and more leads over time. The ROI behind YouTube is phenomenal and she's ready to share her secrets at OfferLaunch behind leveraging Youtube as a marketing tool for ETERNAL leads. Grab your ticket HERE to learn her methods:
  • Launch For Profit podcast

    "Steve, How Do i Get Things Done Faster?"


    I wanted to answer a question that I get asked a lot: how do you get things done faster? It's pretty simple and straightforward. As Tim Grover would say, pressure is a privilege.
  • Launch For Profit podcast

    Irresistible Funnel Design With Jake Leslie (ClickFunnels Lead Designer)


    Building a sales funnel can be an intimidating process. It's not uncommon to have a lot of creative decisions that you need to make quickly. Luckily, I was able to get some insight into funnel design from Jake Leslie. He is Clickfunnels' TOP funnel designer...and is also someone that Russell Brunson and I personally use for our stellar sales funnels-- yep, he's THAT guy! He'll be talking at on stage at OfferLaunch to show you how to build drop-dead gorgeous funnels like a conveyor belt. Get a ticket HERE:
  • Launch For Profit podcast

    Legal? Blake Nubar makes $1M in 25 Days! (how?)


    Blake Nubar's method for turning your social media profile INTO your funnel, is epic. I haven't seen anyone else do this and it led to $1M in 25 days... waaa? In this episode, Blake is gonna show you more of the details to his "evil genius"....
  • Launch For Profit podcast



    I wanna address one of the greatest BROKE mentalities in entrepreneurs (in our funnel space online) that continues to rise up. There's a fundamental shift in your head that must take place once your funnel is done and your offer is good-enough-to-sell. Lets talk about it real quick...
  • Launch For Profit podcast

    3 Ways I Removed The Sales Burden


    At the start, Marketers are solely responsible for revenue. You may be the ONLY one driving sales in your company. Understandable, but INTENSE! Here's 3 ways I took that pressure off of myself so you can do the same. This represents your transition from Marketer to CMO.
  • Launch For Profit podcast

    Build, Then Burn


    Solving the problem of not knowing what you're "supposed to be selling, or doing" is as easy as trying a lot of stuff. As you know, entrepreneurs are the only ones who smile at the challenge, figure out their business, and STILL might shut it down. However, in this episode, I wanna tell you why it's SMART to build, then burn...

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