KookCast: Surf Education podcast

KookCast: Surf Education

The Surf Continuum

The best podcast for beginner surfers! Tune in to The Surf Continuum's Coach Chris, Coach Evan, and their guests talk about learning to surf and how they learned the hard (and usually hilarious) way to be a little less kooky--or in some cases, just embrace it! Head over to thesurfcontinuum.com/signup to become a member of our team and receive even more value and educational surf content.

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  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    3 Tips to Help Your Backside Surfing


    This week on KookCast the boys have taken a suggestion to record an episode on tips and ways to improve your backhand approach. 
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    Bonus Episode: Cole's Happy Place


    Unplanned, unofficial, but with tape rolling this quick episode is pulled from the beginning of a recording with a guest that was afterwards cut out. There's a vibe though. That totally natural feel you only get from something that was never intended for release. The way you speak when you think no one will ever hear it...
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

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  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    A Kook's Journal with Holly Hinsenkamp


    This week on Kookcast, Coach Chris is having a chat with Holly Hinsenkamp aka @akooksjournal to talk about her summer project, which was to surf 100 days in a row and to document and upload a video of each day. 
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    Surf Senses: Part 3


    The last of a 3 part series on your surf senses, this week Coach Chris and Coach Evan are talking about vibes.
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    Bonus Episode: Hurricane Larry Recap


    Coach Chris and Coach Evan sat down for one last in-person recording together (until winter) to recap the Hurricane Larry swell that peaked on the North East coast on Friday September 10th. Photos of the swell can be found at: thesurfcontinuum.com/hurricanelarry
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    Surf Senses: Part 2


    Up next on KookCast, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are working through a series called "Surf Senses". This week we're talking about your voice. Let's talk about how you need to use it.
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    Surf Senses: Part 1


    This week on KookCast the boys are starting a series called "Surf Senses". Up first, your eyes. Let's talk about how you need to use them.
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    Predicting Side Currents


    A member recently wrote in through the membership site to submit a question about side currents aka sweep. A sweeping current down the beach is the result of one or more conditions that cause them, and in this episode Coach Chris and Coach Evan discuss those conditions and how to manage them when you surf.
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    Board Control: Prone Turn vs. Sitting Turn


    This week on the show the boys are talking about the most basic two turns you need to have in your bag of tricks...the kind of turns that happen before you're surfing.
  • KookCast: Surf Education podcast

    How To Get Your Boogie On


    The boys talk a lot about how growing up and playing in the shore break with boogie boards was an important foundation for their surfing journey. In this episode they go into further detail on how and why the boogie board can play such a vital role in your surfing.

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