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The UN Business & Human Rights Forum: Twelve Years and Counting

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Today on Justice Matters we take a deep dive into the UN Business Human Rights Forum, which just wrapped up its 12th iteration at the end of 2023. Co-host Aminta Ossom attended the forum and interviewed working group member Robert McCorquodale to get some background on the inner workings of the Forum. Ossom also spoke with long-time attendee of the Forum, Corinne Lewis, a legal consultant who has worked on business and human rights with organizations of all types, to get her perspective on how the Forum has evolved over the years. Together, these two interviews paint a picture of the origins of the Forum; how it has led to the development of a robust sector of business and human rights; the interplay between attendees from business, government, civil society, and rights holders; and the future of the Forum.

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