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15 Sekunden vorwärts

The Jews.....we live among you, we often look, dress, eat, or party like you do, we may go to the same schools and restaurants, have the same interests, mutual friends.  And yet, life is somehow different when lived through a Jewish lens.

This show offers everyone, Jews and non-Jews alike, a place to compare experiences, ask questions, explore and explain things to and about ourselves, from what Judaism might say about Jesus, to what we think about divorce, or sex, or atheism. So many of us participate in the rituals or trappings of the faith, but don't think of ourselves as "religious". Many of us may read and write Hebrew, have had a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, went to Sunday school for years, and still describe ourselves as "Jew-ish." So, what does that mean? 

We talk to Jews of all different stripes, backgrounds, education levels--from rabbis to converts to my own Jewish mother--and explore what it means to be "Jew-ish." Congratulations; you've just found your new Jewish friend! 

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