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068. Embracing Food Freedom While Living in a Larger Body: Megan’s Journey

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

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If you’ve heard of intuitive eating, thought it was the most refreshing breath of fresh air, but then tried it out and felt even MORE out of control around food, you’ll want to give this episode a listen.

Or if you’re confused about how you can navigate a food freedom journey because your body has changed and you’re now living in a larger body, you’ll definitely want to dive into listening to Megan’s journey of how she’s been cultivating a healthier relationship with food and her body in this episode.

In this episode, graduate of EFF, Megan and I dive into:

  • Hitting “diet bottom” after 20+ years of dieting 
  • Reading the intuitive eating book, but still feeling out of control w/ food
  • Having the courage to try something new
  • Working toward enjoying foods she loves without overdoing it 
  • Learning how to stop eating when full
  • Embracing body confidence & acceptance 
  • The brain space that opens up when you choose food freedom
  • Megan’s experience inside of Embodied Food Freedom
  • What a food freedom journey while living in a larger body is like 
  • Megan’s advice for you 

Megan is a graduate of the Embodied Food Freedom small group coaching program. She describes EFF as being so worthwhile for her relationship with food, body & life, and that she wish she started sooner. Megan especially loved the incredibly supportive community inside the program, and how she has been able to find her own authentic version of taking care of herself and her body. Tune into the episode to hear all about her journey, experiences, and what tips she has for you too! 

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