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066. I Was Craving Vegetables. Is That Even Possible?! Intuitive Eating IRL Example

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Have you ever thought it was nearly *impossible* to actually CRAVE veggies? I used to think the same. I craved the sweets all the time – the chips, the chocolate, the cookies, the ice cream… but how could I possibly crave vegetables?

Back when my past self was on-and-off diets, non-stop eating sweets into the evening, and trying to be as “good” as possible during the day, I didn't think anyone could actually want to eat more vegetables. But last weekend I was really craving veggies. And I want to chat with you about it! 

This episode is a good example of what intuitive eating can look like in real life. I’m sharing a lot about where I used to be and how I got to this point where I can feel so at peace with all foods, that I actually crave vegetables. 

I chat with you about: 

  • What my life looked like when I was stuck in the diet-binge cycle
  • My negative past relationship with food 
  • How things changed for me and what life looks like now in my intuitive eater era 
  • My now positive relationship with food 
  • Why I was craving vegetables 
  • What was going through my mind and how I responded to the “craving” for veggies
  • How this is very different than the diet mentality 


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