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064. Busy Life? How to Still Practice Intuitive Eating

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

You want to implement intuitive eating into your life, but life is just so dang busy! Or maybe you have an unpredictable schedule. Or maybe you have a lot of responsibilities and chaos happening around you all the time. If you catch yourself saying “I just don’t have enough time”  then I want you to tune into this one! Whether you have a demanding job, work shift work, have little ones to take care of, or life is just a lot, this episode is for you. Together we’re going to break down how to practice intuitive eating for a busy life. 

In this episode, I’ll chat with you about:

  • Why it might be feeling hard to implement intuitive eating into your life 
  • How to practice intuitive eating in a busy life 
  • Working with your schedule, and customizing things to your life 
  • What to prioritize first 
  • Tangible tips to implement right now 
  • How to shift your habits, even if you’re busy 

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