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063. Big Vision & Slow Living, with Jenn of The Intuitive Nutritionist & Haley of Uplift Lifestyle

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Today’s podcast episode is a RICH conversation FULL of moments of self-reflection, and eye-opening insights for you to start living in more easeful presence - right here, right now. 

Haley (of Uplift Lifestyle) & I let you in on our lives behind the scenes as entrepreneurs with ambition and big visions. We also let you in on our knowing, and embodiment for a more slow, nurturing and present way of living. We talk about achieving greatness all the while HONOURING your body, your rest and your LIFE. We talk about the preciousness of this unrepeatable life, and how "there is no time to rush." 

This episode is very personal, and offers countless transformational prompts and realizations for you to start living slower, more romantically and in more PLEASURE. You deserve to be in full joy and enJOYment of this life. Slow down, there is no destination, so BE here now, and know that your body is the vessel in which you manifest through and she needs regular recharging to live fully. 

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