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057. Listen to This When You Feel Tempted by “New Year, New Diet”

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Are you feeling tempted by all of the “New Year, New You…New Diet” or “gotta get back on track,” “gotta start eating clean January 1st,” new year diet culture BS? If so, look no further. This episode is a full guided audio to give you the food freedom pep talk you need in the midst of all the noise out there this time of year. Get cozy, pop your headphones in, relax, and listen to this episode to let go of the diet culture temptation and realign to your food freedom journey. And feel free to come back and listen to this episode as many times as you need. 

Plus, if you’re wanting more support as we move into the new year – I’m hosting a FREE Nourished New Year virtual retreat for you!! Nourished New Year is an empowering live 2-day event to help you end the cycle of wanting to 'start again,' eat clean, or diet when New Years rolls around. ⭐Click here to save your free seat ⭐ to start 2024 in community with others committed to their food freedom journey. Say BYE BYE diet culture & hello to your new era of nourishment and freedom!


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