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056. Cannabis and Intuitive Eating: Preventing Binge Eating Munchies with Leah Kern, RD

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

If you are someone who uses cannabis in your life and gets the binge eating “munchies” – you’ll want to tune into this episode! Cannabis and intuitive eating are two things that you may not think could possibly go together. Our guest, Leah Kern, RD, is here to tell you otherwise. She’s going to help you navigate cannabis use while on an intuitive eating journey to improve your relationship with food and your body! 

We dive into: 

  • Leah’s personal intuitive eating journey 
  • How cannabis use impacted her eating habits
  • The intersection of intuitive eating and cannabis use
  • Top reasons for the “munchies” or binge eating when high
  • Tangible tips you can use to stop binge eating when high


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