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052. Human Design as a Tool for Building Self Trust with Rowan Asad

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Self trust. Something that is so important to living a full, authentic, intuitive life, but is also something that can be super tricky to foster. Especially when we may have gone years and years with dieting and breaking our self trust by “not sticking to the plan” or “eating unhealthy” or whatever other messages you’ve learned to believe from diet culture. 

Dieting erodes our self trust. But don’t fret – choosing a more intuitive path and healing your relationship with food and with yourself allows you to rebuild that self trust. Even better yet is using different tools and modalities to rebuild and foster a greater sense of self trust. Tools like human design! In this episode, we’re chatting with human design expert Rowan Asad. This is a juicy one!

We chat about: 

  • What human design really is 
  • How to figure out your human design
  • Using human design to rebuild self-trust
  • Intuition and self compassion 
  • The different energy types and authorities of human design (don’t worry we cover what the heck that means too, haha!) 
  • Some fun things like how digestion, environment, and much more
  • And of course, how all of this relates to your intuitive eating journey

Download your free human design chart using one of these two websites: 


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