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Inner Light Podcast

Alli Garison in association with Morgan Media

Welcome to Inner Light Podcast.  I am your host Alli Garison.

We are all aware of how busy & at times stressful life can be, let’s help you pause, tap into a slower pace & enjoy it more from the inside out.  The intention of Inner Light is to serve you with tools & discussions to help you cope with the valleys & mountains of life.

Now in our 4th Season we bring you three types of Podcasts episodes to choose from, Active, Discussion, Relaxation. 

As a woman with many roles, I understand just how “real” life can be, often placing our own needs, health and self-last.  This outdated belief system needs to go!  Think about it, what is at the center of your life?  Whether health, family or business.  Who is the one that shows up each day to fulfill your many roles?  “YOU.” 

If you crave a quieter mind, better sleep, tools & ways to help you in your everyday home or work life, then Inner Light is the Podcast for you. 

Take a moment to notice your breath, learn new strategies (that don’t take hours).   Trust me, don’t keep waiting for life to slow down to feel better.  Let’s support you to live nourished, free & empowered from this episode on.

As a Heart/Mindset Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Mentor on the Mid-North Coast of Australia, I am inspired everyday by the empowered transformation open to us when we unite our breath, heart and mind in our everyday existence.

I hope you enjoy this humble offering.  It is a privilege to now share sacred space with you.



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