IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series

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IDEAS IN ACTION is a podcast series produced by the University of Southern California. Aligned with the university mission dedicated to “the development of human beings and society as a whole through the cultivation and enrichment of the human mind and spirit,” the series brings you thought-provoking conversations across various disciplines, happening at USC's University Park and Health Sciences campuses today. Recordings are available on this website, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Spotify.

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  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    Shake It Out: The Science and Safety of Earthquake Prep


    Experts John Vidale, former Director of Southern California Earthquake Center and USC Dornsife Professor, and Steve Goldfarb, USC Fire Safety and Emergency Planning Specialist, speak on earthquakes—the research behind them and how we might better prepare!   Jyetbf7NtVT7MDdJKGL7
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    You’ve dropped off your college student—now what?


    USC experts discuss how parents and guardians can maintain open communication with and support their students as they begin to navigate the college experience! Dr. Tracy Poon Tambascia is a Professor of Clinical Education in the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. Her areas of interest include international higher education, higher education policy, issues that affect the practice of student affairs, and minoritized student access and success in higher education. Dr. Broderick Leaks is director of counseling and mental health at USC Student Health and clinical associate professor of psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at Keck School of Medicine. As a psychologist, Leaks specializes in individual and group psychotherapy. Treatment of anxiety and panic disorders; OCD; stress management; ethnic minority identity development (particularly African American); and the integration of psychology and spirituality.
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

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  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    Latinx Stories of Los Angeles


    USC experts discuss their work and recent books, each highlighting a different neighborhood in L.A. and the Latinx contributions to the city’s history. These three books are changing and challenging some of the historical ways Latinx L.A. has been written about. What does talking about Latinx historiography or “Latinidad” in Boyle Heights, Echo Park, and South Central LA mean? How have these communities transformed over time and how can we expect them to change in the future? And what does it mean in terms of issues around democracy, power and politics? Speakers include USC Dornsife faculty: Natalia Molina, MacArthur Foundation Fellow and Distinguished Professor of American Studies & Ethnicity Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, Florence Everline Professor of Sociology George J. Sanchez, Professor of American Studies & Ethnicity and History Manuel Pastor, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and American Studies & Ethnicity and Turpanjian Chair in Civil Society and Social Change Moderated by Juan De Lara, Associate Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity and Director, Latinx and Latin American Studies Center.
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    Olympic training during a pandemic – and how the games have changed since 776 B.C.


    USC has produced more Olympians, overall medalists, and gold medalists than any other U.S. university. But what has it been like to train during the pandemic for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? What are some of the surprising ways in which the games of ancient Greece were different from the modern Olympics? What are a few of the nearly 3,000-year-old traditions that haven’t changed? Listen in on this lively discussion with political science major and Olympian Tina Graudina of USC’s beach volleyball team — the 2021 NCAA champions — and two USC Dornsife scholars of ancient Greece: Vincent Farenga, professor of classics and comparative literature, and Lucas Herchenroeder, associate professor (teaching) of classics. They’ll be interviewed separately by USC Dornsife’s new student correspondent, history and archaeology major Sean Silvia, host of “Door to Dornsife” and “Archaeologists Anonymous” on YouTube. USC Dornsife Dean Amber Miller provides the introduction. This recording is a part of the Dornsife Dialogues Series.
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    A Juneteenth Conversation on Race


    Juneteenth is the oldest celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. But the fight against institutionalized racism continues today. Join USC experts as they discuss critical race theory, voting rights, criminal justice reform, and the ongoing struggle for liberty and justice for all. Panelists Jody Armour is the Roy P. Crocker Professor of Law at USC. Armour's expertise ranges from personal injury claims to claims about the relationship between racial justice, criminal justice, and the rule of law. He studies the intersection of race and legal decision-making as well as torts and tort reform movements. Armour teaches students a diverse array of subjects, including Criminal Law, Torts, and Stereotypes and Prejudice: The Role of the Cognitive Unconscious in the Rule of Law. Alaina Morgan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at USC. Trained as a historian of the African Diaspora, Professor Morgan's research focuses on the historic utility of religion, particularly Islam, in racial liberation and anti-colonial movements of the mid-to late-twentieth-century Atlantic world. Morgan teaches classes on African American and African Diaspora History; Islam in the Americas; race and ethnicity in America; mass incarceration, discipline, and racialized punishment; Black intellectual history; and Black international movements. Christian Grose is Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at USC. He is the Academic Director of the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy, where he led a team that administered the USC Schwarzenegger Institute nonpartisan democracy grants to local election administrators to open new polling places; and he is now researching how best to improve voter access and voting rights based around this community-engaged work.
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    L.A.’s fossil fuel-free future


    Working with the federal government and the city of Los Angeles, USC researchers have identified pathways to a zero-emissions future for the megalopolis in 25 years, a new report shows. But how do you get there from here? What are the challenges and benefits? And can L.A. become a clean-energy model for other cities? Join Sammy Roth, energy reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Lauren Faber O'Connor, city of Los Angeles' chief sustainability officer, Adam Rose, professor at the USC Price School of Public Policy, and Kelly Sanders, professor at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, for a lively discussion about Southern California's sustainable future.
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    Coping with COVID: Mental health and young adults, a conversation with Dr. Vivek Murthy and and Jim Steyer


    March 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Illness, distance learning, and social isolation have turned our lives upside down. Depression rates are up among teens and young adults. How have young people fared after a year of lockdowns, remote schooling, and the disruption of social norms? Join Dean Willow Bay, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, and Common Sense CEO Jim Steyer for a conversation on how young people use digital devices and media to manage their mental health. The discussion will also cover a groundbreaking new research report on the mental health of today’s young adults. Additional participants include Associate Vice Provost for Student Health Dr. Sarah Van Orman and student co-moderators Josie Bullen, Abel Jaquez and Anushka Joshi.
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    A Conversation with Channing Godfrey Peoples


    As part of USC’s International Women’s Day 2021 celebration, USC President Carol L. Folt sits down with rising filmmaker and USC alumna Channing Godfrey Peoples for an inspiring conversation about Peoples’ career and her critically acclaimed, award-winning film, “Miss Juneteenth.” USC Cinema Dean Elizabeth Daley provides introductions.
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    How to Encourage Vaccine Adoption


    Scientific innovation was put to the test in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, and it resulted in two vaccines in record time that are at least 94% effective in clinical trials. Now the task of vaccinating the population has begun with many skeptics fearing side effects, rushed science in its development, and political involvement. There is also a segment of the population who are generally vaccine skeptics. Join the USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy and the USC Behavioral Science and Well-Being Policy Initiative for an expert discussion on how to encourage vaccine adoption. Learn more about the USC Schaeffer Center at
  • IDEAS IN ACTION | USC's Podcast Series podcast

    Five lessons we’ve learned about COVID-19 since the pandemic began


    When COVID-19 emerged, it was a new coronavirus we knew little about. Over the past year, experts from across the globe have worked together to better fight the pandemic. Listen in as faculty experts from the Keck School of Medicine of USC discuss what we’ve learned so far about COVID-19: Paula Cannon, a microbiologist who is an expert in all the ways COVID can, and cannot, be transmitted. Susan Butler-Wu, also a microbiologist, is an expert on COVID testing. Ali Gholamrezanezhad, a radiologist who has viewed the pandemic through a unique lens: chest x-rays.

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