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Travis Gafford

Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford, Mark Zimmerman, and sometimes Kelby May.

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    Quarterfinals incoming! Are LCK teams overhyped? Can C9 make it?! feat. Ender | HLL 193


    00:00:00 Short intro, news 00:21:52 CloserByTomorrow thinks 100T got the actual Group of Death 00:38:45 Alienware break! 00:41:22 Blaine's take: EZ Quarterfinals - C9 can take it all!! 00:57:05 J's take: adding a 4th team from LCK and LPL made this the best group stage ever 01:14:52 Emulator's thoughts: LCK is not a significantly stronger region; carried by mid laners 01:29:00 Game Fuel break! 01:32:00 TomShoe predicts Tactical to leave TL after his performance 01:43:53 Scott thinks LPL's decline in Groups was due to overconfidence/overhype 02:03:37 Outro
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    Groups has begun! LCK starts strong! Can the West keep up? feat. Chronicler | HLL 192


    00:00:00 Intro  00:12:30 News, rumors, etc. 00:20:05 Mogul's take: TL is going to be the only Western team to make it out of Groups 00:30:47 Community doesn't want any G2 players to come to NA 00:44:42 Alienware! 00:49:35 Killslayer's take: 100T is much better than their first game showing 00:59:50 Flare's take: the LCK won't make it past Quarterfinals 01:17:15 13 Snakes thinks G2 is going to have a hard time finding new players 01:27:20 Game Fuel! 01:30:00 Invicta's take: FNC will make it to Quarterfinals with or without Upset 01:41:55 Travis asks Chronicler about his expectations for LCK 01:56:35 Outro
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    Worlds has begun! Who started off strong, who's going to fall off? (feat. Spawn) | HLL 191


    00:00:00 Intro - catching up, goofing off 00:13:05 LoL news 00:30:35 Murderino predicts HLE will end up in the bottom of Group A and lose to a minor region 00:42:50 Alienware break! 00:47:57 Blaine says WHEN C9 makes it out of Play-Ins, they have 40+% chance of getting out of the "group of death" 01:01:00 Blitz470 predicts Galatasaray will finish at the top of Group B 01:11:45 Zemelci's take: LNG will get out of Play Ins but have no hope in groups 01:23:25 jules3000's take: LEC is a stronger region than LCK 01:33:05 Game Fuel break! 01:35:36 Baal's take: RNG, GenG, HLE and LNG (maybe EDG) will ALL crash and burn!? 01:47:50 Invictus loves a Tryndamere pick 01:56:58 Outro
  • Hotline League podcast

    Do we have a chance?! Who's in the GROUP OF DEATH!?! feat. Goldenglue | HLL 190


    00:00:00 Intro 00:25:39 HollowedHorizon's take: 100T is in the "semi" Group of Death! 00:37:58 TheOGKush's take: NA will not win a SINGLE game in the main group stage 00:51:40 YaBoiSmuck thinks C9 has a 50% chance at BEST of making it out of Play-Ins 01:10:03 Pixlol asks Goldenglue: How does Proving Grounds affect LCS/Academy? 01:22:15 Question from TomShoe for Goldenglue: What's with the pros coming back from retirement? 01:27:45 Goswimalap's take: Having 4 teams from a region at Worlds is terrible 01:49:55 Stripes believes Korea is overhyped, and NA is underhyped 02:01:35 Outro
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    Bjergsen's return!? What is the fate of NA at Worlds this year? (feat. Raz) | HLL 189


    00:00:00 Intro 00:20:00 Mogul's take: there's no way Bjergsen leaves TSM. (Is it enough to bring Doublelift back?)  00:37:35 OGKush's (borrowed) take: Bjerg should be looking at LEC  00:51:00 Alienware break! 00:55:03 Nicole says NA fans shouldn't be excited if Rekkles ends up in NA 01:12:50 Fez thinks the blatant disrespect towards NA is laughable 01:33:00 Game Fuel break! 01:35:35 Cheong predicts 100T is going to do the best out of all NA teams at Worlds, and make Semi Finals 01:47:25 Outro
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    Should Rekkles go to NA? Where's the commissioner?! Your hottest takes and more | HLL 188


    Support our friend David here: 00:00:00 Intro 00:19:00 Big Angry Hobo and Tom Solo Mid debate if Rekkles would/should go to NA 00:39:42 coolopen2's take: The community's obsession around stats has become unhealthy 00:55:15 Alienware + David Chen shoutout 01:00:40 HeyJorge wants to talk about the LCS Commissioner spot for hire 01:12:00 MarkZ wants to talk quantum mechanics 01:17:00 Rawnblade wants to talk LCS broadcast - what's good, what can improve 01:36:40 Kelsey "Karen" Moser's take: LCS and LoL needs to do more entry-level content 01:56:00 Game Fuel break 01:57:34 Bluefrost's take: the bottom teams in the LCS are dragging down the league
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    100T LCS Champions' Coach Freeze talks path to victory, Worlds expectations & more! | HLL 187


    00:00:00 Intro 00:14:58 D0P3ST asks Freeze how important pro player experiences are for being a coach 00:33:08 Maldini thinks 100T rolled a 1/10 chance of winning LCS 00:47:05 Dank Jesus says the 3 teams going to Worlds are the best NA's ever sent, but still won't make it out of groups 01:01:18 Bluejay's take: the Perkz signing has been a huge disappointment, but it's not too late to turn it around 01:12:57 bwillroku disagrees with the import hate towards 100T 01:28:20 Game Fuel break! 01:30:14 Rawnblade wants to talk about the full-year split format's clear pros and cons 01:51:02 A Penguin's take: 100T and MAD displayed how the game has changed to reward teamplay over individual skill 02:03:08 Outro
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    Did TSM fail this year? Who will win LCS, and are we READY for Worlds?! feat. TL Dodo | HLL 186


    00:00:00 Intro 00:17:40 An Odd Vibe's take: TSM's year should not be considered a failure 00:36:32 N0boat's take: Riot deciding to push Worlds to EU shows how little they care about NA 00:49:15 Alienware break! 00:51:38 Fez's take: 100T will win the LCS this weekend 01:04:34 TomSoloMid's take: TSM kind of got screwed by the bracket 01:21:52 Bangs says TL, C9 and 100T are the strongest 3 teams NA's ever sent to Worlds 01:37:17 Game Fuel break! 01:39:37 Treethan thinks Perkz going to Worlds, but not G2, is the funniest thing ever 01:48:42 Outro 01:51:45 BONUS TAKE?! Sexism in esports
  • Hotline League podcast

    Worlds secured for 100T and TL! Who will join them?! Your hottest takes feat. PapaSmithy | HLL 185


    00:00:00 Intro  00:29:35 Treethan's take: 100T qualifying for world might doom the import rule 00:52:05 Alienware break! 00:56:10 HollowedHorizon's take: NA is set up to be a major contender at Worlds 01:12:45 OPTsmFan thinks all NA fans should be cheering for EG to Worlds, if they care about the region's growth 01:28:50 Talkspace break! 01:32:50 Oshawatt doesn't see 100T getting enough credit for the draft strategy in EG series 01:42:50 Awesomemaxi predicts IMT beating TSM this weekend 01:52:05 Game Fuel break! 01:54:54 Tarzan to Worlds predicts C9 will make Worlds as 3rd seed 02:02:33 Outro
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    Who wins in TSM vs. TL? Is aggressive playstyle always right? feat. Peter Dun | HLL 184


    00:00:00 Intro - so much news!!! & Mark's summary of The Bachelor... and more news! 00:31:15 Alienware break! 00:37:03 Tom Solo Mid's take: Bjerg and TSM deserved Coaching Staff of the Split 00:48:25 Student's take: Jiizuke was enabled by Peter Dun to play his way 01:00:03 kitkatxz TSM is gonna 3-0 TL and it won't be close 01:12:05 Talkspace break! 01:16:40 Zextrap's take: DIG and IMT/GG shouldn't get a ton of hate 01:31:31 Rico Suave predicts TL is gonna 3-1 TSM 01:48:00 Game Fuel break! 01:49:10 Zezus wants to fight Peter Dun on EG v 100T prediction 02:01:00 Outro

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