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Hello Atelier

Hello Atelier explores what it means to be a working artist. We take you into to the studios of designers of all different mediums to learn about their inspiration, their design process and the personal stories behind their art.

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  • Hello Atelier podcast

    037 - Karen Allen


    Did you know that actor and director Karen Allen is also a fiber artist? Listen in as we talk with Karen about her introduction to textiles, her love of Kaffe Fassett, and how she balances her film career with fiber art.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

    036 - The McFadden Brothers


    Ronald and Lonnie McFadden have been performing on stage their whole lives. Listen in as we talk with Ronald and Lonnie about how they learned to tap from their father, performing around the world, and the challenges of making a living as entertainers.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

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  • Hello Atelier podcast

    035 - Ana Reinert


    Ana Reinert takes us on a deep dive into the world of stationery and fountain pens. Listen in as we talk about how Ana got into stationery supplies, the ins and outs of fountain pen collecting and how she created her own product to fill a niche in the market.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

    034 - Melissa Averinos


    Melissa Averinos is a painter, quilter, and artist who has made her mark on everything from books to award-winning quilts. Listen in as we talk with Melissa about how she learned to sew, how art got her through some critical times, and why she is all about weird cats forever.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

    033 - Mercedes Lucero


    Writer Mercedes Lucero talks to us about the pressure of being a first-generation college student, where she got her love of reading and how, in her book Stereometry, she combined poetry and math to create an ordered world into which she could explore the ideas of grief and loneliness.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

    032 - Momoko Usami


    Before settling down as an artist, Momoko Usami wanted to widen her experience, so she decided to move from her native Japan to America. After a number of stops she has landed in the Missouri countryside. Here, wide open spaces allow her imagination to take hold and present itself as beautifully crafted ceramics that straddle the line between functional and fine art.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

    031 - Kathy Liao


    Artist Kathy Liao paints from a distance. Or, she paints her subjects from a distance. Kathy’s family is spread about the globe, but she keeps them near with her paintings that portray her memories: Her mom watching TV, her grandmother in the kitchen, all recreated through a haze of color and collage. Listen in as we talk to Kathy about how her family influences her work, the importance of learning new techniques and how painting self-portraits grounds her in a space.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

    030 - Two Tone Press


    Sisters Michelle and Angie Dreher of Two Tone Press create bright, textural letterpress prints and founded the community print shop, Print League KC. Listen in as we talk about how to get over workplace disagreements, the joy of getting your hands dirty, and how they have incorporated Lego into their business.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

    029 - Glyneisha Johnson


    Artist Glyneisha Johnson uses collage art as a way to represent the "dislocated, collaged nature of Black history due to colonialism." Much of her work comprises of domestic spaces, bright, colorful images that invite you to sit and visit on the front porch. In this episode of Hello Atelier, we discuss the teachers who have been influential in Glyneisha's life, artists that she looks up to as father figures and her wariness about social media.
  • Hello Atelier podcast

    028 - Luke Haynes


    Designer Luke Haynes creates quilts in an effort to start conversations. Whether it is a take on a traditional pattern or an innovative portrait quilt, Luke approaches each design as the start of a new dialogue. Join us in Luke's studio as we talk about success, travel, and how he approaches quilt design through his training as an architect.

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