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Ep 39 | Are you dating a narcissist? From rock bottom to rock hard with Derek Newborn| Andrea Knoche

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Get ready to laugh, swoon, and get some serious insight in this week's episode of "From Mrs to Ms".  Join Andrea, the sassiest voice on the airwaves, as she sits down with the amazing Derek Newborn for a rollercoaster ride of narcissism, mental health, and jaw-dropping transformation stories.

Buckle up as Derek shares his heartfelt story on hitting rock bottom before skyrocketing to success in the world of personal training. From narcissism to newfound purpose, this episode will have you laughing, crying, and reevaluating your own life choices. Tune in, because you won't want to miss this wild ride of self-discovery and sexy revelations!

Love everything Derek has to say?? You can find him and all of his coaching resources here:
IG & TikTok: @DNewborn
Facebook: Derek Newborn

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