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Ep 27 | Space Invaders: A Hilarious Guide to Letting Love In | Andrea Knoche and Michelle Wilder

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Join Andrea and her fabulous guest co-host Michelle in this side-splitting podcast episode as they spill the beans on the art of making room for that special someone in your life. From rearranging your furniture to navigating the tricky terrain of smelly socks left around the house..these dynamic duo dives deep into the comical intricacies of letting a man or woman into your sacred space. Are you ready to let someone in? Do you have the time and energy to make space for someone new in your life? You won't want to miss the outrageous tales and unexpected lessons that Andrea and Michelle have in store. It's time to make room for love, and these two have got the blueprint—well, sort of!

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