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Contrarian Jason Shapiro: Bearish on Industrial Metals, Neutral on Stocks and Bullish on Bonds (for now)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Forward Guidance is sponsored by VanEck. Learn more about the VanEck Morningstar Wide MOAT ETF (MOAT) at Jason Shapiro on Twitter Jason Shapiro website Jason Shapiro YouTube channel Follow VanEck on Twitter Follow Jack Farley on Twitter Follow Forward Guidance on Twitter Follow Blockworks on Twitter __ Timestamps: (00:00) Introduction (00:41) Jason Is "Neutral" On Stocks (03:14) If Stocks Don't Rally On A Lower-Than-Expected PCE Number, There's Trouble (06:30) Copper Has Become "The Favorite Trade On The Planet" (13:00) Central Banks Have Painted Themselves Into A Corner (20:50) "I Would Not Be Super Aggressive Here" (22:37) VanEck Ad (23:17) Jack's Push-Back Against "The Endgame" Take (26:31) Trading Off A Macro View Is Dangerous As Hell (27:37) Nvidia: The Mag One (36:49) Bond Market Positioning (41:10) U.S. Government Is Running A Pro-Cyclical Fiscal Deficit (43:50) Jason Doesn't Trade On His Macro View Of Money-Printing Endgame, In The Same Way That A Profitable Sportsbetter From New York Doesn't Bet On The Knicks (44:56) Barron's Roundtable Portfolio Is Up 2% This Year (Compared to 12% S&P 500) (51:31) Jason's View Of Market Breadth (56:49) Jason Is "Not A Big Believer In Chinese Stocks" (01:06:15) Babyish Sentiment (People Freaking Out About Stock Market Being 5% Off Its Highs) Is Probably A Bullish Sign Argues Jason (01:09:06) On A Short-Term Basis Jason Prefers Bonds To Stocks. What Would Have To Happen For That To Change? __ Disclaimer: Nothing discussed on Forward Guidance should be considered as investment advice. Please always do your own research & speak to a financial advisor before thinking about, thinking about putting your money into these crazy markets.

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