Fearless podcast


Trinny Woodall

This empowering new series tells the stories of inspirational people who have overcome challenges and fears in their lives in order to thrive. With the help of stellar guests including Tan France, Debra Messing, and Jo Malone, Trinny will be digging deep into the fears that can hold us back from our goals, and how to overcome them. They’ll also be answering listeners’ questions about how they can tackle their own challenges and live more fearlessly.  “Can you actually choose to live a more fearless life? And what could you achieve if you did? Fear is something I’ve felt deeply at multiple points in my life. Like so many others will know, it's an emotion that can leave us feeling paralysed, or like we just can’t compete. Those telltale butterflies. Feeling frozen in the headlights. Panic. We’ve all been there. But there is nothing more inspiring than seeing a friend stare fear right in the eyes. And whenever I’ve been challenged by fear, that rush has led me to unexpected places... In this podcast, I’ll be talking to guests who’ve made inspiring steps to overcome the hurdles and the nerves – and we’ll answer your questions about how to build an entirely new, fearless mindset” – Trinny Woodall Follow Trinny on Instagram and Facebook @trinnywoodall A Pixiu Production.

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