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Taming the Video Analytics Beast with Brie E Anderson

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As a smart video marketer, looking for ways that we can help our clients understand the real ROI (return on investment) of the work that our videos are doing for their business is critical. But when we think about data, analytics, it can be seriously overwhelming. So in this episode, my guest is going to help us tame the analytics beast. Let's get into it. Brie E Anderson is a self-proclaimed analytical nerd with a soft spot for strategy. With over 10 years in digital marketing, Brie has worked with businesses of all sizes to create integrated digital marketing strategies that move the needle based on research and analysis. Today she is the owner of BEAST Analytics and a regular contributor to industry publications such as Moz and Search Engine Journal. Support this podcast

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    How to Have a Team that Manages You with Kris Ward


    Kris Ward is the leading authority in leveraging your time and scaling your business.  Kris is the founder of the Win The Hour, Win the Day philosophy.   After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist.  She was relieved that her business had not only survived her absence but was growing. Now, Kris has completely changed the landscape for entrepreneurs by sharing the successful practices that allowed her absence.    Kris helps entrepreneurs create:  their W.I.N Team (what is next) so they can get to “what is next” Implement the 60/40 WIN Formula so they can be in execution mode 60% of the time.  (Execution equals revenue!) Kris has shared the stage with Jack Canfield - Chicken Soup For The Soul, Kevin Harrington original Shark from Shark Tank, James Malinchak -ABC’s Secret Millionaire, Sharon Lechter - Rich Dad Poor Dad Co Author and Joe Theismann - NFL All star and commentator to name a few.  Kris has also featured on award winning podcasts, radio and TV shows. You can hear Kris on her own podcast - Win The Hour Win The Day, where she has engaging conversations with dynamic guests covering a variety of business topics so you can get to your next win now! Support this podcast
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    [Best of 2021] The YouTube Formula with Derral Eves


    Mastering YouTube is both an art and a science. My guest today has spent the last 15 years deep in the platform and is now directly responsible for over 62 billion video views across his many channels. From this ‘in the trenches’ experience he believes that there is a formula for success on YouTube, so much so, he even wrote a book on it. Derral Eves is a YouTube & Audience Development Strategist, Professional Speaker, & Consultant. He is the executive producer of the Hit TV show The Chosen.  He is also the founder of VidSummit. Support this podcast
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  • Engage Video Marketing Podcast podcast

    [Best of 2021] Mastering Measurement Marketing with Mercer


    How are you dealing with the data available around your video strategy? Is it a case of every now and then just opening your analytics trunk, poke around a bit, and then close it back up again? Or do you get overwhelmed by it all, and metaphorically sweep it under a rug? Or perhaps you’re handpicking a few bits of data that you can make sense of, and simply letting the rest pass you by? The fact is that understanding the data, and setting things up to effectively measure and interpret that data can be your video marketing secret weapon. So this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Support this podcast
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    [Best of 2021] Death to the Corporate Video with Guy Bauer


    In this episode we’re going to be talking about corporate videos and the stigma wrapped around it. Are you really resigned to the idea that your videos will be talking heads and b-roll, stock music and a couple of carefully placed slow motion footsteps down a corridor? Do all corporate videos basically fit the same mold? My guest today is Guy Bauer, Founder and Creative Director of Umault, an agency that makes wildly creative B2B video marketing campaigns people actually want to watch.  Guy has been making commercial videos for over 20 years and is the author of Death to the Corporate Video: A Modern Approach that Works. He started the agency in 2010 after a decade of working in TV, film, and radio. Umault’s goal is to make sure an amazing product or service stands out in a sea of mediocre content. Guy believes that in video marketing, the idea is everything and his fleet of creatives and producers excels at shepherding an idea through the entire process, from concepting to scripting through to delivery of the final videos. When he isn’t helping his clients tell a story that resonates and delights while hitting all of their key messages and business prompts, Guy enjoys spending time at his home in Chicago with his two young children and kicking himself for being a Cincinnati Bengals fan. Support this podcast
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    Why You Need to Turn on LinkedIn Creator Mode with Ben Amos


    Have you switched your profile to LinkedIn Creator mode? What is even a Creator mode anyway and why should you consider switching LinkedIn to Creator mode? All that and more in today’s episode. In this episode we cover: What LinkedIn Creator mode is. What it means for your profile. How you can benefit from it and grow your network. A quick run through on what you can expect when you switch on the LinkedIn Creator mode. https://engagevideomarketing.com/group (Join our conversation at Online Video Strategy Community on Facebook.) Support this podcast
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    Why Start Your Own YouTube Channel with Jenn Jager


    As a video producer, should we be working to grow our own YouTube channel? And if so, what should we be publishing in order to actually grow our business? That’s the conversation we’re having today with the owner of a successful video production company who has also built her own channel to over 110K subscribers, and as a result, business is booming. When Jenn Jager started Plum Productions Video, she had a vision: a woman owned business where projects began with a collaborative spirit between creatives and clients.   In the past decade, Plum Productions has grown into one of South Florida’s busiest production houses, with clients ranging from SAKS 5TH Avenue, Newell Brands (makers of Oster, Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam and others), and the University of Michigan. In 2018, Jenn started her own YouTube channel where she gives tips on video marketing strategies. Her audience has swelled to 100,000 subscribers from every corner of the world.  In March of 2021, she launched a new channel, “Jenn Jager Pro Tutorials” which is solely focused on helping editors sharpen their Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion skills. Support this podcast
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    Masterminding Your Business Growth with Wade Grundon


    In this episode I’m going to be sharing more about my experiences in a formal mastermind environment and why I genuinely believe that EVERY business owner, regardless of where you are at in your business right now, should be in some sort of mastermind, whether paid or informal.  So let me introduce you to our guest today. Wade Grundon, Head Business Coach at Entrepreneurial business school. Paul has extensive knowledge on video-first ways of operating as a business, going beyond just marketing and sales use cases. He talks about topics including how we transformed our business with video and asynchronous video communication.  Wade is a person who thrives on dealing with people and making a positive impact on their lives, his mission is to inspire people to achieve more. He has been in the front line of many companies managing and improving sales, be that one of his own 7 businesses or one of the 100’s of businesses he has directly consulted to over the past 15 years. With a straightforward sales philosophy, Wade believes that selling is about removing risk for a buyer and providing them a product or service that helps them achieve what they need.  A natural motivator, Wade’s strength is in growing and energising sales teams to become more successful, specifically in B2B and B2C direct sales. Support this podcast
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    5 Tactics We Can Learn from Mr. Beast's "Squid Game" with Ben Amos


    Released on November 25, 2021 Mr Beast’s video “$456 000 Squid Game in Real Life!” is smashing YouTube records, exceeding 30M views in the first 24 hours. It puts this video in a realm previously only known by major music labels and music videos on the platform. As of the recording of this podcast just one day later, the view count sits at 49,398, 263… wait… hang on. Just refreshed the page and it’s now over 50M views in less than 48hrs.  So in this episode of the podcast I want to share for you my take on what any video strategist or YouTuber can learn from this video's success. Keep listening. Support this podcast
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    Are you joining me?


    G'day Strategists. A quick announcement that doors are now open (for the last time) to enrol in the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course. Learn more now at https://www.onlinevideostrategyblueprint.com and join before doors close this coming Monday. Support this podcast
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    Simple Steps to Get Started as a Video Strategist with Ben Amos


    In today’s episode of the Engage Video Marketing podcast, I’m going to share with you simple steps that you can take to get started as a video strategist today.  In this episode we cover: 5 Steps to Get Started as a Video Strategist 1 - Start and grow in confidence over time 2 - Be a Student of Video Marketing 3 - Be a Conscious Consumer of Video Marketing 4 - Lead with Value and your existing clients first 5 - Eat Your Own Cooking Support this podcast

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