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Why I Created The Village + What Women Are Experiencing Inside

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Beloved Woman

I have felt the call from the depths of women’s bodies and bones.

A longing carried by all women to walk the journey to return home to herself.

Have you felt it too?

Now more than ever we must gather in sacred circles with women who support the greatest remembering of our beauty, wisdom, and power

Are you longing to return to yourself, to cultivate a deep loving relationship with yourself?

Through practices that activate deep cellular healings for you to RETURN TO YOU

If this answer is yes to any of these, then I welcome you to join THE VILLAGE

Join us in The Village Here

£44 per month 

What women are experiencing in The Village 

* Feeling more grounded and emotionally regulated

* Stability + safety cultivated from within

* Deeper connection to pleasure

* Releasing patterns of seeking approval from the external 

* Restored relationship to self and body

* Softening into their feminine

* Listening to body-led sensations and inner guidance 

* Feeling heard, held, supported, and seen

* Feeling safe to express themselves fully 

* Reclaimed voice, expression, and communication feeling easeful 

* Regulated nervous system 

* Becoming anchored rooted and grounded in self 

* Centred within the body 

* Able to meet challenges and conflicts in life, relationships, and business from a regulated place 

💕 I invite you to find your home in the The Village here.

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