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Themes We Will Be Exploring In The Embodied Womban Mentorship + Mastermind

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15 Sekunden vorwärts



This is your invitation to join us in a sacred circle of thought leaders, empowered and visionary women

To activate and awaken your own unique codes of creation, radiance, magnetism, light and embody your leadership in sacred business

Intuition. Vision. Creativity. Creation. Marketing. Messaging. Your Why. Story Telling. Copy Writing. Magnetic Energy. Visibility. Embodiment. Strategy. Structure. Energetics. Aligned Action. Scaling. Offerings + Services AND SO MUCH MORE……

The Embodied Womban is an activating alchemical journey for Women who work within creation, business, coaching, embodiment, VA support, creativity, birth keepers, midwives, womb healers, feminine leaders, thought pioneers, artists and women birthing visions into the world who are ready to move deep within to energetically, emotionally and physically embody the frequency of divine creation

This container will offer an artful, creative, embodied experience to conceive, gestate and birth your visions into the world. This is a journey of Midwifing held in the container of Rebecca who is a Doula of Creation and holds a tender awakening space for women to ecstatically birth themselves, their visions, creations and business ideas into the world

It is for women who long for fuller richer wilder expression within their life, love, creation, business, purpose, heart womb and body. 

You can join us here

💕 I invite you to find your home in the The Village here.

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