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Medicine Womban ~ With Rebecca + Ruby

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Join Rebecca + Ruby in conversation as they share about the power of women gathering to connect, share and heal in sacred circle and sisterhood

In this conversation, we share the profound healing that arrives for women when they join us on retreat, re-connecting to their bodies and wombs to return to sovereign power, embodied feminine energy and root into their centre of creativity

We invite you to join us on a sacred journey

Medicine Womban Retreat

5th - 8th May 2023 Peak District UK

Medicine Womban Immersion

This retreat is a journey for women who are ready to deep dive into the medicine of their womb space supported by the medicine of mother earth, to awaken deeper into inner connection, pleasure, womb consciousness and receive the healing awakenings available through shamanic practice, journeying, sister circles and earth medicine

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The journey of connecting to the womb and awakening her energy, power, vitality and radiance supports women to….

Soften armour around the body and heart to give and receive love

Awakening pleasure, creativity and sexual energy from a self-centred and anchored place 

Able to access more pleasure and awaken your erotic energy body 

Heal Womb space and restoring feminine energy from  traumas such as abortion, miscarriages, still birth, birth trauma, sexual trauma and experiences 

Supports the nervous system to feel grounded, calm and clear when anchored and rooted in self and centre ~ the womb 

Clears ancestral patterns, imprints, beliefs and systemic energy passed down through lineage 

Move out of survival energy and stress to descend down into a slow steady connection to the inner rhythms of your womb and cyclical nature 

Begin to activate and embody a divine feminine energy that awakens magnetism and radiance.

With Love xx

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