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How Embodiment Supports Relationships

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Embodiment supports you to become more present within your relationship to self + others.

Embodiment cultivates a deeper connection to self + your body.

As you deepen connection to self you begin to allow a deepening of connection to others.

You are able to be met at the depth you meet yourself.

Embodiment supports heart opening and becoming more heart centred.

Awakening your heart to give and receive more love + connection .

Embodiment awakens inner intimacy, which allows for greater intimacy with other.

Embodied awakening activates greater pleasure, sensuality and joy on the body.

Embodiment supports you to feel your feelings and emotions, more clearly and freely.

Embodiment supports healing of nervous system shifting from dysregulation to regulated state of being.

This serves relationships to be able to relate from a grounded, rooted present place
( not past or history ).

Embodiment supports your capacity to hold more of all relationship brings.

From conflict to connection.

Embodiment heals old wounds, hurts and pains and transforms them to open to greater love.

Embodiment unravels the past and allows a new pathway of openness.

Embodied Awakening
10 Month Journey

Has been created to support women into deeper connection to themselves and their bodies to become more available for life and connection

We begin 7th February

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