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Discover how to “Unlock” your greatest success in business and in life each week as bestselling author and internationally renown business mentor Dan Lok shares his inspiring insights, interviews the world’s most brilliant business minds, including influential celebrities, to inspire you to develop high income skills, create financial momentum, and unshakable confidence and help you to unlock your higher self.

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    Do I Think AI Will Replace Copywriters?


    If you wonder if AI will replace copywriters, chances are you’ve never written copy yourself. AI will replace many professions and we need to adapt. It assists us, so we can focus on what’s more important. But there is one thing AI can never do. Listen to this episode to find out. Learned something new from this video? Share it with a friend.
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    Life Is Short: How To Add A Sense of Urgency


    Right now you might feel like you’ll live forever. But this episode will remind you that life is short and your time on earth is finite. Discover how to add a sense of urgency to your life as Dan demonstrates the shocking number of years you really have to live. What is one thing you’ll stop doing and what will you do instead? Comment below.
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

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  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    Clients Say, “I Don’t Like Long-Term Contracts” And You Say “…”


    When clients say “I don’t like long-term contracts”, what can you do? Don’t say generic things like “this is our policy”. You have to dig deeper. In this EPISODE Dan Lok explains what to do when clients are reluctant to sign a long term contract with you. What will you implement after listening to this episode?
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    The Mindset Of A Billionaire – Learn How To Think Correctly


    Only one person out of several million is a billionaire. Dan Lok himself is not a billionaire yet – but he had the privilege to interview many of them. In this episode, he shares his insights on the mindset of a billionaire. Take this advice seriously and learn how to think correctly.
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    Episode 225: BatchDriven Preview


    In this episode of Discount Property Investor David shows Brysan how to use BatchDriven, a marketing platform with is compromised of driving for dollars, skip tracing, SMS and more. BatchDriven is an all in one tool for real estate investors, try it for free in 14 days, Receive 50 free skip traces using code DAVE.
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    How To Manage Multiple Businesses Simultaneously


    For most entrepreneurs, it’s challenging enough to run one business. So, it’s better to focus on one only. Still want to know how to manage multiple businesses simultaneously? Discover Dan’s full advice in this episode. Got something out of it? Share the podcast with a fellow business owner.
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    Episode 224: Student Makes $11,000 Wholesale Case Study


    Welcome back to Discount Property Investor Podcast, In this episode of Discount Property Investor David and Mike is with their student Derek who secured a rental property. A 2 story 40,000 square feet building, Dave and Mike helps Derek in selling this deal. Checkout how Derek found this deal and his experience in wholesaling Real Estate in the rest of the video.
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    How To Write Professional Emails In English – 7 Tips


    Over the years the internet has changed a lot. Yet, what never changed are emails. People are still sending and reading them every single day. So, being able to write good emails is powerful. Listen to this episode for 7 tips on how to write professional emails in English. Which was your favorite tip?
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    Episode 223: The Importance of Team Meetings


    In this episode of Discount Property Investor Podcast David and Mike will talk about the importance of Team Meetings. The frame of their meeting and what they talk about, issues, discussions and solutions.
  • Dan Lok Show podcast

    Don’t Start A Business During The COVID-19 Crisis Until You Listen to This…


    Do you want to start a business? Do you think you have everything it takes? Don’t start a business during the COVID-19 crisis until you watch this. The truth is, entrepreneurship isn’t sexy. It’s tough. Watch the video as Dan Lok gives you questions you should answer BEFORE you start a business.

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