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I told the doctor it felt like I had 100 of those Irish line dancers pounding away in my chest. (+ 19 more dad jokes!)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Daily Dad Jokes (05 Dec 2023)

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Jokes sourced and curated from reddit.com/r/dadjokes. Joke credits: OwnContribution1463, MrBloodySprinkles, MattAmpersand, OrdinaryEqual7231, ilikesidehugs, mommypanda35, Jester57, aldursys, New-Cow-4176, Upvoter_NeverDie, TinyXena, , Slight-Look-4766, NoLongerGage, EndersGame_Reviewer, prankerjoker, Nickerr101, monkeyfire80, OfficialEmeraldChat, TheQuietKid22, Kimberlylynn2003

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