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I have a pet termite, I named him Clint. (+ 21 more dad jokes!)

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Daily Dad Jokes (17 Sep 2023)

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Jokes sourced and curated from reddit.com/r/dadjokes. Joke credits: pyrethedragon, Iamamoose13, fritofarmdale, screwedbythefam, e-bio, xiaodaireddit, EndersGame_Reviewer, LuckyHare87, trimdaddyflex, ViscountBurrito, MasterFubar, Don_Dickle, Medium-Hotel4249, RichMarkleyDotCom, EndersGame_Reviewer, Upvoter_NeverDie, ButtetcupDemon, subsailor1968, Grungecollie, htx-danny, UrbanCyclerPT, Butterflies_Books

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