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The Purpose of Marketing, 3 Fundamentals of Campaigns, and The Right Way to Approach a Campaign

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Tom Geary is the Founder and Creative Director at the School of Thought, a fresh and innovative creative agency based in the San Francisco Bay area. Tom has positioned his agency as a leader in sustainability and social responsibility, creating high-impact campaigns for companies like Cisco WebEx, eBay, Bing, and Red Bull.

In this episode, we discuss how his experience working at agencies and in-house at corporations helped him cultivate his skills as a marketer, why the purpose of marketing should be about creating an emotional connection with your audience, and why campaigns should be arresting with a strong hook, engaging to keep people interested, and distinctive to make it stand out. The unique idea of treating your marketing campaign like a stock portfolio since you can allocate your resources to conservative ideas to be safe but will have bigger wins if you’re risky and invest in ideas that are innovative. Why he strives to work on projects and with clients that lean into equity, inclusion, and social impact because he prefers to both meet his client’s objectives while doing some good in the world. And why he likes to work with people who are passionate about positively impacting the world rather than another large corporation looking to make a dollar.

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