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PR Best Practices, The Importance of Authenticity, and Good vs Bad PR Campaigns

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Christine Pietryla Wetzler is the Founder and President of Pietryla PR & Marketing, an award-winning Chicago-based growth MARCOM agency that specializes in communications strategy and media relations for packaging, CPG, and professional services clients. She also supports small and mid-cap companies on their way to going public.

In this episode, we discuss the definition, evolution, and best practices for PR and how it’s ultimately how you authentically relate to the public.  How PR should be your first investment as a fresh business owner because it can help you with increasing leads, awareness, and credibility while establishing your message to your audience and giving them a reason to care about what you have to say; Organic ways to manage your own PR by first knowing your needs and goals, and then reaching out to your industry’s top publications, finding editors that you like, and then offering them stories and content that aligns with their audience, rather than just pitching your company, The difference between good and bad PR campaigns, The importance of being authentic in the way you talk to the public to avoid being exposed for not practicing what you preach, and how she manages her time on the internet when researching stories for work so she doesn’t get sucked into a social media black hole of negativity and wasted time.

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