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Becoming a 7-Figure Video Business Owner, Picking The Right Projects & Clients, and The Elements Of a Successful Video Business Team

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Mark Drager is a pro-conversationalist, MC, moderator, brand strategist, and founder of the branding and creative agency Phanta Media

In this episode, we discuss the ups and downs of his journey as a video production company owner and the lessons he learned from building a 7-figure business, why video business owners should go where the money is and templatize their products to have bigger margins and keep their companies afloat,  his philosophy of picking projects and clients by determining if they’re great stories, can bolster his portfolio, or bring in profits.  The elements of a successful video business team, which consist of a craftsman, a salesperson, and a project manager.  Dealing with imposter syndrome by looking at successful people and realizing that it took them a long time to get where they are so you shouldn’t be disappointed in yourself but aware that everything serves you and you are building towards the future you want.  And how you should always leave room in your schedule for freedom to do things that make you feel good because it allows you to get into your flow state and also keeps you happy.

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