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A podcast from the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media that tells the story of consuls and their world.

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    Season 2 Trailer: What is Manifest Destiny?


    Manifest Destiny is a term you hear a lot when you're learning about the history of the United States in the nineteenth century. But what is it, really? Several experts weigh in. You'll hear from Steve Inskeep, Matthew Raffety, Amy Greenberg, Gene Allen Smith, and Brian Rouleau--and then you'll hear a lot more from us on this season of Consolation Prize, where our first several shows will be dedicated to the consuls who went forth during the era of Manifest Destiny.
  • Consolation Prize podcast

    News update: R2 Studios!


    We're under "new" management! Not really, we're just joining a new division of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, R2 Studios.
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  • Consolation Prize podcast

    Summer Episode: Against the Grain


    In this second installment of our summer series on food and consuls, we shift our gaze to look at food ways from the bottom-up. Producers Deepthi Murali and Kris Stinson sit down with team member Megan Brett and executive producer Abby Mullen to taste such dishes as Boko-Boko, black bread, buttered shark, and mesquite beans! Together, we discuss the drastically different ways food is experienced depending on who and where you are as well as the many ways food and drink have changed over the last several hundred years. Show notes, including a full transcript, at
  • Consolation Prize podcast

    Summer Episode: Cuisine, Consumption, and Consuls


    In this bonus episode, we look back on the stories from season one with an eye for food. Alongside a cast of guest taste-testers, producers Deepthi Murali and Kris Stinson both try and discuss many of the dishes and drinks that have appeared in the accounts of consuls from places like Jerusalem, Algiers, Martinique, and Canton. Together, they explore the many ways that food has been a powerful force in the history of consuls, belonging, and empire!Show notes and a full transcript available at
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    Episode 12: Unrecognizable Citizens


    We've been to Mexico a few times this season, but we promised in the first episode that we'd return one last time, to talk about the relationship between Black Americans and the consuls in Mexico. So that's where we're closing out Season 1. In this episode, we're taking the perspective of the Black Americans who had to deal with consuls in the midst of incredibly difficult circumstances. We'll tell the story of Lucien Matthews, a free Black man who did business in Mexico before the Civil War, and the story of William Ellis, whose colonization scheme for Black Americans in the 1890s went horribly wrong. In each case, these Black Americans were sometimes unrecognizable to the American consuls--but that wasn't entirely a bad thing.Show notes:
  • Consolation Prize podcast

    Episode 11: Greener Pastures


    In Episode 11, we explore the complicated, and sometimes tragic, life of Richard Greener, the first Black consul to a predominantly white post. Before Greener went to Vladivostok, he was a trailblazer in education and politics, but questions about his race and his motivations followed him throughout his political life.
  • Consolation Prize podcast

    Bonus Episode: Interview with Maura Harty


    In this bonus episode, we learn about the much more recent history of women in the consular service, as Abby interviews Maura Harty, a career Foreign Service officer who concluded her career at the State Department in the role of Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs.Shownotes at
  • Consolation Prize podcast

    Episode 10: Worthy of Notice


    In today’s episode, we take a look at some people connected to the consular service who are worthy of notice: the women. We’re telling the story of three women, whose stories range from the very conventional to the very unconventional (at least by the standards of the time). Each of these women contributed something significant to the history of the U.S. consular service, and each deserves to have her story told.Producers Deepthi Murali, Megan Brett, and Brenna Reilley bring us their stories, just in time to close out Women’s History Month.Shownotes at
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    Episode 9: Victims of Independence


    James Leander Cathcart and Richard O'Brien were uniquely suited to their jobs, from one point of view: they had spent a lot of time in the region they were consuls to--as captives of the ruler during the previous decade. Their struggles to do their jobs in the Barbary states was complicated by their inability to get along with each other, and in the end they couldn't accomplish the mission they'd been charged with: to make peace without payment with the Barbary states. Shownotes are at
  • Consolation Prize podcast

    Episode 8: Eden to Ashes


    In this episode, we venture into the tragic story of the 1902 volcanic eruption of Mount Pelée on the island of Martinique. Consul, Thomas Prentis and his family were among the 30,000 victims of this natural disaster. We will discuss the eruption itself, and the diplomatic consequences for Martinique.Show notes are at

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