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Do you want to learn how to connect and communicate better in your relationships? Dr. Kim Swales and rotating guests will discuss parenting, marriage, dating, friendship, family, relationships and self-growth in this podcast about connecting better in life. Episodes will include the latest research, real-life stories, listener questions and practical tips that will help you create and maintain happier and healthier connections. Tune in each Thursday for a new episode. Instagram: @drkimswales Email:

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  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 48: Finding Joy and Connection with your Teen with Kari Kampakis


    Kim interviews best selling author, Kari Kampakis about finding joy and connection with your teen. They talk about the things that negatively impact the parent-teen relationship, the long term plan, five second decisions, teen friendships, simple ways to connect with your teen and so much more.  Kari talks about the main principles in her fabulous book, Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter. Although Kari has 4 teenage girls, the information in this podcast is applicable to all parent teen relationships. Lover Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter (commissionable link) Kari's Website Facebook: Kari Kampakis, Writer Instagram Twitter: @karikampakis Podcast: Girl Mom podcast Dr Kim Swales Instagram
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 47: Eat to Beat Disease with Dr. William Li


    Kim interviews world renowned physician, scientist and author, Dr. William Li. They talk about the five health defense systems in humans and more importantly how and what to eat to maximize those defense systems. They discuss cancer, stem cell damage and prevention and the keys to long term health.  Dr. Li talks about gut bacteria and the microbiome. This episode is extremely helpful for anyone who wants to eat better for long term health. Dr. Li offers a free masterclass to help people learn more. Dr. Li's book, Eat to Beat Disease Dr. William Li Instagram Dr. William Li Website Masterclass Dr. Kim Swales Instagram Dr. Kim Swales Website
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

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  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 46: Raising Yourself with Shelly Robinson


    This episode is all about healing yourself so that you can be a better parent.  Kim and her guest, Shelly Robinson, from Raising Yourself have an honest and vulnerable conversation about how our own issues influence our parenting. As parents, we have to learn our triggers and how they impact our anger, hostility and emotional regulation.  This episode will help every parent whether you experienced big trauma or some small, unmet needs in your own family or origin. Shelly's Instagram, Raising Yourself Shelly's Website Free Guide to Breaking the Nightly Shame Cycle Dr. Kim Swales Instagram
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 45: Setting your Child up for Success this School Year with Dr. Nicole Beurkens


    Kim's guest this week is holistic psychologist, Dr. Nicole Beurkens.  In this episode, Kim and Nicole discuss how various elements of school impact home life and what you can do about it.  They discuss nutrition, homework, after school screen time, recess, school discipline and the dreaded science fair project. They hope to empower you as parents, with options to make this school year happy and successful for your child and your family. Dr. Nicole Beurkens Instagram Dr. Kim Swales Instagram Dr. Nicole Beurkens Website Dr. Kim Swales Website
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 44: Girl Friendships with Jessica Speer


    In this episode, Kim interviews author, Jessica Speer about friendships between girls.  In the tween and teen years, girls struggle with confidence and friendhsips more than most other stages of life. Kim and her expert guest, Jessica break down why friendships can be so challenging at this stage of life and how parents can help.  They talk about popular groups, cliques, exclusivity, social media, peer pressure, gossip, friend "drama," conflict and bullying. This is a must listen if you have daughters. Jessica's IG Jessica's Website The book: BFFor NRF (not really friends): A Girl's Guide to Happy Fiendhsips. Kim's IG Kim's Website
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 43: How to Foster Good Sibling Relationships


    Kim and her good friend, Chiarra team up again to talk about sibling relationships. In this episode, the tables are flipped and Kim is the "expert guest" talking about why sibling relationships are so important, why kids fight with one another, and what parents can do to foster close, good relationships and minimize the bickering. If your kids fight a lot or if you want to help your kids grow closer, this is must listen. Chiarra's IG: Follow Kim:
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 42: A Season of Waiting with Melissa Miller


    In this episode, Kim has an inspiring and emotional conversation with Melissa Miller, author of Restful Anticipation, about adoption, faith, difficult seasons of waiting and so much more.  They dive deep into how times of waiting can test our faith as well as strengthen it. Melissa is a beautiful story teller who shares some of her difficult life lessons and how they have prepared her for what is to come. If you have struggled with waiting for a partner, a job, a child, healing or anything else, this episode is for you. Restful Anticipation: Finding Contentment in Seasons of Waiting : Melissa's IG: Website: Home Run at Home Podcast:
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 41: Connecting, Cooking and Culture with Celebrity Chef Katie Chin


    In this episode, Kim interviews celebrity chef and cookbook author, Katie Chin. They talk about Katie's childhood experiences growing up with a mother who immigrated to the US and built an extremely successful restaurant and catering business. They talk about mother-daughter relationships, the connection between cooking, food, culture and relationships. Katie also shares amazing stories in this episode.  Katie Chin's IG: Katie's website: Order Katie Chin's Global Family Cookbook:
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 40: How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids with Lisa Sugarman


    Kim has a warm and frank conversation with author, Lisa Sugarman about raising well-rounded kids amidst all the challenges we are facing as parents today.  They discuss how to handle mistakes and failures, the impact of positivity, commitment and follow through.  They share their thoughts on gossip, comparison, and bullying and drama. They also talk a lot about fostering emotional intelligence (EQ) in our kids instead of solely focusing on IQ. These two moms share their experiences and discuss a lot of the fabulous tips in Lisa Sugarman and Debra Fox Gansenberg's book, How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids and be Ok with it. How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids: Lisa Sugarman IG: Twitter: Life Unfiltered Podcast:
  • Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales podcast

    Episode 39: A Conversation About Health Care with Dr. Jill Grimes


    In this episode, Kim connects with Jill Grimes MD, author of The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook. Kim and Dr. Grimes talk about sending kids back to school, Covid, mental health and more. They also talk about how to teach your children to advocate for themselves in health care, how to navigate the college health care system, important things to add to your first aid kit and the dangers of some internet medical advice. You can find Dr. Jill Grimes at The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook: Instagram: Twitter:

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