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Cognitive Therapi


Improving our physical health requires lifestyle changes - including nutrition, physical activity, the amount of hours we sleep etc. There is another element however, that is typically overlooked – cognition. In simpler terms, the way in which we think.

Our thoughts are extremely potent - not only as it relates to intellect, but on physiological, biochemical and genetic levels. The quality of the thoughts we entertain can guide us towards health or towards the development of degenerative and chronic disease.

The purpose of Cognitive Therapi is to educate and provide the tools necessary to create genuine change - emotionally, physically and spiritually. Cognitive changes provide us the ability to change our behavior and improve the quality of our relationships at home, work and in our communities.

The goal and design behind Cognitive Therapi is to help you discern and identify with clarity any limited beliefs that are holding you back from seeing yourself for who you really are - a divine individual with a great amount of potential to do good.

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