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The China Business Review podcast brings you analysis and commentary on the US-China relationship from think tanks, government, and business.

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  • China Business Review podcast

    What should we make of China’s CPTPP bid?


    More than four years after the United States pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which eventually became the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), China has applied to join. Is the bid sincere or viable?
  • China Business Review podcast

    How the digital yuan could change China’s payment landscape


    China has been doing public testing for its new digital currency, called the digital yuan or Digital Currency Electronic Payment. The introduction of the digital money, issued by the People’s Bank of China, has significant implications for the future of China’s payment economy and services like WeChat Pay and AliPay. To talk more about the […]
  • China Business Review podcast

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  • China Business Review podcast

    How China’s data privacy regime affects companies


    After a crackdown on ride-hailing app Didi over issues of mishandling of users’ sensitive data, China’s rules and regulations around data privacy are becoming a major focus for companies. So what does the landscape of China’s data privacy rules look like? And what do US companies need to know to ensure they don’t run afoul […]
  • China Business Review podcast

    Industry’s bone to pick with the ICTS supply chain order


    An interim final rule giving the commerce secretary sweeping powers to block transactions in the ICT space that pose a threat to national security has been in effect since late March, but its origins go back to the Trump administration. Since 2019, companies have been pleading with the Department of Commerce to provide more clarity […]
  • China Business Review podcast

    How can the United States compete with China on semiconductors?


    You’re probably using a semiconductor right now to listen to this podcast, on your computer or smartphone. These chips are increasingly critical to a large sector of the global economy and countries including the United States and China are working to ensure access to them. How are they going about securing those supply chains and […]
  • China Business Review podcast

    A look at China’s recent spate of bond defaults


    In 2020, around 40 Chinese companies defaulted on bonds worth $30 billion, which amounts to a 14% higher amount than in 2019, according to a Bloomberg analysis. At the end of last year, there were a number of fairly high profile and also unexpected bond defaults in mainland China. So we figured it’d be prudent […]
  • China Business Review podcast

    Is the BRI debt trap diplomacy? And how can the US compete with it?


    The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is China’s globe-spanning plan for infrastructure construction and development. The Chinese government describes it as a effort “to enhance regional connectivity and embrace a brighter future together.” More skeptical voices would describe it as a textbook exercise in debt trap diplomacy, straddling developing countries with unsustainable debt to create […]
  • China Business Review podcast

    What Trump and Biden offer on China


    With the election getting down to the wire, Anna Ashton, senior director of government affairs at the US-China Business Council, gives us her quick take on the Republican and Democratic approaches to addressing concerns related to China. Further reading: Anna Ashton: Republicans and Democrats Release Separate Sweeping Proposals for Managing the US-China Relationship  Allie Klein: How […]
  • China Business Review podcast

    The national security “toolbox” to counter China


    National security concerns have come to the forefront of US policy toward China, including when it comes to issues formerly considered to be confined to the trade sphere. Ajay Kuntamukkala, Partner at Hogan Lovells, walks us through what tools the
  • China Business Review podcast

    How important are Chinese students to the US education system?


    Chinese students in the United States contribute around $15 billion a year to the American economy. But Chinese students now face a range of hurdles, from visa restrictions to currency fluctuations to the fallout of increased bilateral tensions. We speak

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