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199. Local Family Farm Owner Amanda Gress

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A little about Amanda: The Narrow Road Family Farm is a 34-acre farm in Alhambra, Illinois owned by first-generation farmers, David and Amanda Gress. The couple lives and farms on this property with their children, Olive and Dax, and are bringing back the significance of the small family farm. 

Currently the farm has just under 1⁄4 of an acre set up as productive growing space for vegetables. While many of the vegetables & flowers will vary by season, the farm is also home to a berry patch, a swath of fruit trees, and two high-tunnels for growing further into each season. In addition to the growing spaces, the Gress family has a large flock of laying hens (~150), and raises pigs, turkeys, and broiler chickens on pasture each year for meat production, as well as keeping bees for local honey. While this all initially began as a homesteading adventure, the demand from neighbors and friends was a clear sign that access to good, local food was a desire for many in the area, and the farm grew from there.

We are an environmentally friendly and sustainable farm employing the use of no-till/low disturbance principles and organic-approved practices. While we are not certified organic, we do not use chemical pesticides or herbicides, and work to create healthy, thriving growing spaces. In a nutshell this means we are interested in providing high-quality, healthy food while also stewarding our land well. 

The Narrow Road Family Farm seeks to feed your family the way we feed our own. 

While we sell eggs, honey, and meat year-round, our biggest emphasis the last two years has been on our vegetable CSA that runs from September/October through December. In a time when there is limited fresh produce available locally, The Narrow Road Family Farm strives to fill that gap with options that delight our customers. Vegetables are offered outside of this season as they are available. 

Connect with us online: 

Facebook: @thenarrowroadfamilyfarm

Instagram: @thenarrowroadfamilyfarm

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