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Card Talk

David Walsh & Grant Thompson

Dave Walsh and Grant Thompson spend a few minutes each podcast discussing the cards from Lord of the Rings: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games.

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  • Card Talk podcast

    Ranger Bow


    In this episode a patron suggested that we talk about Ranger Bow. I hope after this show, they are still a patron! Check out the card review on the blog! Interested in supporting the show? Become a patron!
  • Card Talk podcast

    Con of the Rings 2021 Recap


    Say it ain't so! John (peaceandthought) is formally announcing his step back from the planning team. But, we have him here talking about Con of the Rings 2021 and all the great times had by all.   We also have a blog where you can look at cards!   Want to support us? To pledge visit  
  • Card Talk podcast

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  • Card Talk podcast

    Tactics Con Cards


    We finish off our series as we get ready to go to the Con this weekend. Join us as we discuss Tactics cards that make sense to bring to a con. Also, don't forget to check out the blog: If you love the content, please consider becoming a patron. Join at  
  • Card Talk podcast

    Spirit Con Cards


    We continue our look at going to a Con. This week we focus on some selections from the spirit sphere and we explore the beauty of side quests for play at the con. Make sure to check out our blog at Love our content? Support us through patreon!  
  • Card Talk podcast

    Guest Host Eric Shell: ALEP Spoiler and Con of the Rings Convo


    It's not quite a spoiler since the AP was released last week, but today we take a look at Guided by Fate both here and at the blog And then we talk about a few questions listeners had about the Con of the Rings. It's a jam packed episode that covers the gamut of content! Like what we do? Want to support us? Interested in getting swag? Become a patron!
  • Card Talk podcast

    Lore Con Cards


    In this episode we look at a few cards from the Lore sphere that you may want to consider bringing to a convention. These cards either see increased effectiveness, decreased cost to effect ratio, or improved playability at higher player counts. Like the content? Become a patron Also check out our blog for player card reviews and other content!  
  • Card Talk podcast

    Leadership Con Cards


    In this episode, we take a break from our normal one show, one card format and get ready for Con of the Rings in a few weeks by looking at the cards that may not see play except in multiplayer or convention settings.  This week?  Leadership cards. Like our content?  Become a patron! Visit our blog for more content!  https://cardtalk2018   
  • Card Talk podcast



    In this episode, Meneldor takes flight. While Grant is not with us, Ted and I break down the card. At the end, we think this card is pretty good. What do you think? Check out our blog about this card, too! Become a patron! Join at  
  • Card Talk podcast

    Repost: Leadership Merry


    Well, it seems the same bug was found when I uploaded the repost, so technically, this is a re-repost.  Hopefully this works!
  • Card Talk podcast

    Eagles of the Misty Mountains


    In this episode, the guys talk about how good the Eagles of the Misty Mountains were in the early game, but also how good they have stayed since their release.  Join the conversation! Interested in supporting us?  Become a patron!

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