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#109 - Creating Value by Going Deep in Key States (ft. Abner Kurtin, CEO of Ascend Wellness)

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Joining us today is Abner Kurtin who is CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder of Ascend Wellness Holdings (AWH). Abner’s background is as an investor – starting at the highly regarded Baupost and moving on to starting his own hedge fund. He raised $50M to invest in the cannabis space before switching gears and Co-Founding Ascend in 2018.

In only 3 years Ascend has become a top player in IL with an eye to repeating the model in NY, NJ and Mass (the company is also in MI and OH).

In this episode we discuss:

- Abner’s Investment Background: What he learned working at Baupost

- Raising $50M to Invest in Cannabis: The 3 Key Factors Abner looked for in each deal

- Why Investing in MSOs like Grassroots, GTI, Pharmacann made sense

- Starting Ascend – Being opportunistic in MA and IL

- How AWH became a top player in IL alongside GTI, Cresco & Verano

- The importance of being scaled and vertical in every market

- NJ: How AWH got started and why NJ will be the story of 2022

- What to look forward to in NY and how the state is progressing

- Is slow uplisting a risk or opportunity to the cannabis space?

- Why is capital allocation so important in this industry?

- The Future of Ascend: Acquiring, Merging or Selling the company

Thank you to Abner for joining us for this jam-packed interview

You can find more information on AWH including past earnings calls at:

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    #112 - Embracing the Uncertainty in Cannabis Investing


    In this episode we discuss the importance of admitting "I don't know" when it comes to investing in this sector.  We discuss how "I don't know" can be helpful for: - Taking a more cautious approach to building your portfolio - Federal change, the SAFE act and NDAA news - Selecting which markets are attractive - Evaluating headlines and social media - Managing your cash position  - Buying individual stocks vs the MSOS ETF We also discuss having a CIN meet-up at the upcoming MJ Biz conference in October The theme of this episode was inspired by a recent episode of Howard Mark's podcast the Memo which you can listen to here:
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    #111 - Bullish but Hesitant on Federal Change (ft. Jason aka CMDR1305)


    In this episode we are joined by special guest, Jason, who worked in Washington D.C. for a House Appropriations Chairman and focused on financial services and trade issues. During his career in D.C., he was an integral member of two lobbying groups that advocated for safe and fair trade issues and economic investment in American cities.  He is still heavily involved in the political world and currently manages a program that focuses on developing unique financial products to support the development of infrastructure and investment in cities. Given his extensive experience on “the Hill’, Jason provides a political perspective on why he feels collective wisdom pertaining to federal cannabis reform may be misguided.  He explains why he remains bullish but with hesitation and why investors should proceed with caution as they try to unravel political lingo and process. We discuss at length the process of getting different types of bills passed into law, the recent addition of SAFE into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and finally the Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act (CAOA).  Jason explains why he feels the Democrats are more likely to stick to a social justice agenda when it comes to cannabis and will not give up the capital markets issue without getting social justice measures in whatever legislation moves forward. In short, this could go from a quick and easy protection for banking to a controversial package with many moving parts. We hope you enjoy this episode and as always if you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected] or Jason on reddit at CMDR1305 ( 

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