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78: The Official Horse Friend (BLOOD OF OLYMPUS Ch 33-40)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
The 7 are still following the breadcrumbs to their next destination - first they make a stop to chat with Apollo and Artemis, where we learn that Leo plans to sacrifice himself. Leo also makes an instrument that plays beautiful music which he ruins by naming it the "Valdezinator." Then, they had to Asclepius, where we find out the reason Jason keeps getting hit in the head with a brick - he needs glasses! Asclepius also violates HIPAA. Meanwhile, Reyna, Hedge, and Nico make it to the USA and find the Roman army. Lucky for Reyna, she still has friends in the Roman army, as well as friends with the Greeks, including Tyson and Rainbow! Orion shows up and Reyna faces off with him. She fights him in the most badass way possible. We would risk it all for Reyna. ————————————————————— SUPPORT US ON PATREON: SEND US AN AUDIO MESSAGE: --- Support this podcast:

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